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  1. Lily's Kitchen Organic Cheese and Apple Treats - 100g
  2. Soopa Sweet Potato Chews

    Soopa Sweet Potato Chews


  3. Soopa Healthy Bites Kale and Apple 50g
  4. Soopa Healthy Bites Carrot and Pumpkin 50g
  5. Soopa Pack Dental Sticks Kale and Apple 100g
  6. Soopa Dental Sticks Carrot and Pumpkin 100g
  7. Soopa Dental Sticks Cranberry and Sweet Potato 100g
  8. Benevo’s Pawtato Turmeric & Chicory Root Tubes 90g
  9. Pooch's Apple, Ginger & Goats Yoghurt Snaps
  10. Soopa Papaya Chews

    Soopa Papaya Chews


  11. Soopa Dental Sticks Coconut and Chia Seed 100g
  12. Soopa Dental Sticks Banana and Peanut Butter 100g
12 Item(s)
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