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  • Rufus's Stag Toy

    This little Stag has travelled far to reach his new "owner". He is now enjoying snuggles from Rufus the pup in Washingston DC (thanks to Dana for sharing)


  • Fundraising Update

    With your amazing support we have transferred a total of £1888.18 so far this year for our 2016 fundraising and this is being split between : Wonky Pets Rescue, The Underheugh Ark Rescue and Animal SOS Sri Lanka

    £1600 was raised from our annual fundraising auction and, as always, we are so grateful to our wonderful donors and bidders for such great support again this year. The rest was from a combination of bags for life sales, carrier bag sales and from our 5% donations from web sales for the month to 15th Feb.

    Watch this space for the next fundraiser and we can't thank you enough for such amazing support in our fundraising endeavours. Year after year you come up trumps!


  • Tuff E Nuff jungle animal toys

    They have been such a big hit that we have topped up again on the Tuffenuff lions, tigers and elephants. It is jungle-tastic in the shop at the moment


  • Meat Love Deer Minis Treats

    In the treat bowl today: Deer Minis from Meat Love UK. These make fantastic training treats as they are just totty bits of air dried venison and so high value but not too smelly or crumbly in your pocket =)They have recently repackaged and resized the bags so you get more for your buck too!


  • All 4 Paws Collection

    Thanks so, so much to everyone that has donated to our monthly collection of goodies this month. Once again you have been FAB. This months goodies are going to All4Paws. They are an Edinburgh based, R(D)SVS student run clinic that offers veterinary care to the pets of people that are homeless or vulnerably housed.

    Thanks for your continued support. Next month we are collecting for Many Tears Rescue and you can drop of any unwanted doggy goodies at the shop anytime


  • Sam's Favourite Toy

    Sam's favourite toy is a little worse for wear now but, fear not Sam, we have a spare on hand. Question is do we bin the raggedy old one or let him decide if he wants it still? =) Do any of your dogs have an "old favourite"? We would love to see your photos to make us smile


  • Pocket Sized Pooch & Mutt Treats

    Lily's Kitchen have stopped doing their little 50g bags of treats =( They have been really popular at Just Dogs so, as an alternative, we are now stocking the pocket size packs of Pooch and Mutt treats instead. We currently have them in the Fresh Breath variety and will be getting the Calm & Relax ones when they are available too


  • Indie's Collar

    Indie looking gorgeous in one of our African Fair Trade beaded sighthound collars. Thanks so much to Annemarie for sharing


  • Monday Meander at Colinton Dell

    We hope everyone had a nice weekend and got to enjoy some good doggy walks despite the mixed weather? Our "Monday Meander" today was the Colinton Dell to Balerno stretch of the Water of Leith. Daisy and Sam love it. Lots of nice stretches of river, plenty forest smells and off lead opportunities.

  • Marvin's Natutripe Bone

    Gorgeous wee Marvin popped in for a visit and some goodies this weekend and here he is tucking into his Natutripe cold pressed tripe bone- Yum! Lucky boy =) Thanks to Stephanie for the photo.


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