• Dogs In Need Of Space

    Karen says "Buddy my rescue will hopefully enjoy his walks even more now with his bandana."

    There are lots of reasons why a dog may need some space - they may have health issues, be nervous or shy, elderly or in training. If your dog is showing signs of nervousness, discomfort or aggression around strangers or strange dogs at close range, this bandana, together with appropriate training and management, could help make walks less stressful for both of you by making others aware not to get too close (or allow their dog to get too close) to your dog. For more information about what you can do to help your dog please see DINOS: Dogs in Need of Space or ask us for more information in store.


  • Sprocket's new harness and lead

    What a face! :) Sprocket the Deerhound puppy came in today to be fitted with a new harness and double-ended Halti lead. Isn't she gorgeous!

  • Betty's Nylon Bone Chew

    "Betty loves her new bone! ?" - Thanks for the pic Sallie =) We often recommend these nylon bone chews for pups who might otherwise turn to destructive chewing.

  • Is your dog food motivated?

    Here at Just Dogs we strongly promote reward based training but understand that for some dogs it can be tricky to find the right treat to motivate them, with some dogs being more fussy / less 'food motivated' than others. This article from Eileenanddogs helps explain why some dogs may seem less keen to take / work for treats than others and gives helpful tips for using food in training: Our top recommendations for high value training treats are: Natures Menu Treats (our longstanding best seller), chopped liver, chopped sausages, chopped Meat N TrEat, liver paste, and dried sprats. What's your dog's favourite training treat? Is there anything you've found especially motivating to reward them with?


  • We love food dispensing toys

    Have you ditched your dogs dinner bowl? Feeding from food dispensing toys can be a great way of helping keep your dog mentally stimulated and relaxed. We have a wide selection available at Just Dogs. Do you feed your dog from toys/bowls like these some or all of the time. We would love to hear what your dog likes best :-)


  • Rally-O Classes

    Looking to improve and perfect your dog's obedience skills? Wanting to improve your bond with your dog in a fun and force-free way?

    Wells Trained are running weekly Rally-O classes starting on Saturday the 4th of June, 5:30-6:30pm. The class is open to dogs of all ages that are comfortable in close proximity to other dogs. They will be working on loose and off lead heelwork, recall, different heel positions, sit, down, stay and more!

    This class can be booked in blocks of 4, 6 or 8 weeks with immediate start after your booking.

    For more information visit or message them directly ??


  • Stella's Chewy Tendon

    Wee Stella popped in for a visit today and, my, how she has grown =)
    She was showing off her wonderful take it and give it training with a super tasty chewy tendon. What a clever lass

  • Wells Trained auction donation

    Our fundraising auction is due to go live this Monday. We now have over 50 confirmed Lots and we are so, so grateful to all the businesses that have donated so far. We wouldn't be able to do this without you! Our little "sneak peak" for this evening is a wonderful Lot donated by Christina from Wells Trained. She is donating a space in her Puppy Training (Level 1) starting 26th of March for 4 week at the Lifecare Building in Stockbridge. Worth £40, includes complimentary clicker, bag of natures menu treats and weekly follow-up emails.

    It is not too late to donate if you have a business and would like to get involved. All funds raised will be split between Animal SOS Sri Lanka, Wonky Pets Rescue and The Underheugh Ark =)



  • Meat N TrEAT firm training sausages

    The "Meat and Treat" sausage chubs are fast becoming a best seller. These firm training sausages are made of 100% meat. They have a firm consistency and can be easily and cleanly portioned into many small pieces making perfect, non crumbly and very high value training treats. You get tons of sausage for your buck too =) Available in Buffalo, Salmon and now also Poultry - "yum, yum, yum" says Daisy!


  • Slo Feed Bowl a success

    Bailey trying our her new slow feed bowl (thanks Arleen for the photo). Does your dog use a slow feeding bowl to help aid digestion and/or keep them more mentally stimulated?


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