• Wee White Dug in his Bowtie

    "The Wee White Dug loving his new Bowzos collar and Bottom Sniffer beer for dogs." - Thanks for the picture Sam =) You can follow Caspers travels around Scotland on his doggy travel blog, Scotland with the Wee White Dug.


  • New Harry's Treats

    We're all topped up with all your favourite Harry's Treats again, including new Smoked Salmon & Crab sticks. Did you know Harry's now have their very own Dog Bakery in Portobello? Be sure to pop in for a visit if you're through that way =)


  • Bandana Fabric Choices

    ** Over to you =) **
    We've been so impressed with the quality of their handmade collars that we're planning on getting in some of MR MYLO UK - Stylish dog accessories's doggy bandanas. We'd love YOUR help in deciding which of their gorgeous fabrics to stock... Which do you think would look best on your pooch?


  • Cold pressed Dog Food

    In our treat bowl today we have some Pure Dog chicken & trout cold pressed 'wholesome meal in a bag'. Please help yourself to one for your pooch if you are in and let us know what they think =)


  • Beer and pizza night for all!

    "Saturday is beer and pizza night. Tonight, the furballs can join us!" - Thanks for the pic Cath - hope you ALL had a great night! After running out over the weekend we're happy to say our stocks of Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer have now been replenished =)


  • New Venison Sausages

    Today we have an exciting new addition to our Doggy Pick 'N' Mix selection: Venison Sausages. They are from the same range as our best selling Smokey Chicken and Beef & Garlic sausages so we expect they will prove popular! We've chopped some up so your dog can try a piece and would love to know if they like it - please help yourself on their behalf if you are in over the weekend =)


  • Your Input

    We need your input... Did your dog try one of the samples of Beco Dog Food we were handing out a few weeks back? What did they make of it? The Team at Just Dogs love the ethos behind this new food, with higher welfare standards for animals and as well as a lower carbon footprint. Would you be prepared to pay a bit more for a dog food that uses more ethically sourced meats and has a lower environmental impact like this? We're trying to decide whether to go ahead and stock this food or not going forward and would really appreciate your help =)


  • Scottish Summer

    From one extreme to the other! Yesterday we were inundated with requests for cooling coats and doggy icecreams, today it's thundershirts and raincoats, tomorrow who knows... ;-)


  • A Cold Dog Beer

    Molly and Sandy like to keep cool with frozen Bottom Sniffer dog beer cubes =)


  • Snack & Dash Fun

    Dodger, Patch, Lily-Bean & Leo say "We love the Snack & Dash! We weren't scared of the noise once we realised it meant delicious snacks were coming!" Thanks to Deb for the pic =)

    Have your dogs tried the Snack & Dash treat gun? What did they make of it?


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