Doggy Nutrition

  • Stella's Chewy Tendon

    Wee Stella popped in for a visit today and, my, how she has grown =)
    She was showing off her wonderful take it and give it training with a super tasty chewy tendon. What a clever lass

  • Ari and Cassis' Food

    This gorgeous pair, Ari and Cassi, will be looking forward to tucking into their goodies from Simpsons Premium Pet Food which they won in our fundraising Auction <3 Thanks so much to Jan and to Simpsons for their support. If you missed out on this Lot don't forget we stock a wide range of Simpsons for your dog to enjoy


  • Betty's Biscuit

    From Claire: "Betty looks slightly terrified of the massive cheese biscuit I bought from you this afternoon although wasn't complaining when I broke a small piece off for her! We all know she could easily have eaten the whole thing in around 3 seconds flat!! " We <3 you Betty


  • Deer and Wild Boar treats

    Even more to choose from in our Natural treats range with the arrival of the air dried deer and wild boar treats today =)


  • Duck Delights

    Does your dog love duck treats? Or maybe your dog has allergies or intolerances meaning that duck is the only protein they can have? Hopefully we have enough duck only options to choose from at Just Dogs =)

    It is "Duck Delights" Saturday in store today. We have added duck feet and duck liver to our all natural pick n mix this week. Don't forget to ask to try a free duck foot for your dog if you are in today and you think they would like it =)

    We would love to hear what your dogs favourite yummy is?


  • Maggie

    Thanks to Gemma for sharing this photo of Maggie tucking into her pigs ears. She said "Finishing the last treat from her Christmas stocking. Some size of a pig's ear and lasting a bit longer than the venison sticks, which she loved. Will definitely be ordering some more things for her to try, knowing there are no nasties in them."



  • Popular Natutripe Bones back in stock

    The popular Natutripe cold pressed bones arrived back in today. If you are treating your dog to one hopefully they wont want to eat it on your lap like Woody did =) Thanks Ali for the photo


  • Harry's Treats Auction Donation

    Here is another "sneak peak" in advance of our fundraising Auction next month. Paul from Harry's Gourmet Treats has donated TWO amazing goodie hampers worth over £75 each. Double Wowzers :- ) Thanks so much Paul!


  • Meat N TrEAT firm training sausages

    The "Meat and Treat" sausage chubs are fast becoming a best seller. These firm training sausages are made of 100% meat. They have a firm consistency and can be easily and cleanly portioned into many small pieces making perfect, non crumbly and very high value training treats. You get tons of sausage for your buck too =) Available in Buffalo, Salmon and now also Poultry - "yum, yum, yum" says Daisy!


  • Bulls pizzle chow down!

    Rescue Greyhounds Shay and Dash enjoying chowing down on their bulls pizzle chews - yum =)  Thanks Martin for the photo.


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