Doggy Nutrition

  • Meat Love Deer Minis Treats

    In the treat bowl today: Deer Minis from Meat Love UK. These make fantastic training treats as they are just totty bits of air dried venison and so high value but not too smelly or crumbly in your pocket =)They have recently repackaged and resized the bags so you get more for your buck too!


  • Pocket Sized Pooch & Mutt Treats

    Lily's Kitchen have stopped doing their little 50g bags of treats =( They have been really popular at Just Dogs so, as an alternative, we are now stocking the pocket size packs of Pooch and Mutt treats instead. We currently have them in the Fresh Breath variety and will be getting the Calm & Relax ones when they are available too


  • Marvin's Natutripe Bone

    Gorgeous wee Marvin popped in for a visit and some goodies this weekend and here he is tucking into his Natutripe cold pressed tripe bone- Yum! Lucky boy =) Thanks to Stephanie for the photo.


  • Pooch & Mutt Treats

    The new Pooch & Mutt treats are proving popular. Great, healthy training treats but we can't guarantee a less windy or more clever dog


  • Harry's Treats

    Yay! We are all topped up again on Harry's Gourmet Treats. Thanks so much to Paul for getting them to us, especially when he is so busy getting their new Bakery up and running. You will be able to visit them when they open (hopefully within the next couple of weeks) down on Portobello High Street =) We are sure you will join us in wishing them all the very best with this next step in their adventures!


  • Pip and Jillys' Duck Feet

    We had a visit from the adorable rescues Jilly and Pip yesterday (and got lots of lovely cuddles) and this photo of them about to tuck into some duck feet really made us smile =) (thanks to Nikki for sending us this photo)


  • Winston's Pupbake

    Happy Belated 4th Birthday wishes Winston! Looks like you were treated Royally for your special day and glad to see that your pupbake from the shop made it over to Norway in one piece<3


  • Beco Food

    Beco Pet are about to launch a new dry dog food range. Their focus is on ethical ingredients with high welfare standards and, unusually for a dry dog food, they are ensuring their chicken is free range (the egg included is also from free range sources). They are also bringing out a Wild Boar variety and one with Marine Stewardship Council-certified fish.

    Because the food is from such ethical sources it is a bit more expensive than some ranges (£14.99 for a 2kg bag) but we would be interested to understand if you would be willing to pay this for your dogs food if you are passionate about welfare standards of farm animals. We would love to hear you thoughts!


  • Naturediet Rebranding

    Naturediet are rebranding. Most of their flavours will remain the same ingredients but you will gradually start to notice the packaging changing as the new ones are rolled out. Please also be aware that they have taken the decision to discontinue the use of rabbit meat in their products amid growing concerns over the welfare of rabbits produced for the meat industry. They have stated that "As an ethical company, Naturediet insists on the highest standards of animal welfare and we did not believe that these were met. This will affect the Rabbit & Turkey product which will be replaced with Turkey & Chicken to further complement the range and the Senior/Lite product which currently is also made from Rabbit & Turkey meat will be replaced with Turkey & Chicken meat." We just thought this would be handy for people to be aware of if they feed this range


  • Natutripe Bones

    Yay - at last we have the larger version of the super popular Cold Pressed Natutripe Bones back in


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