Doggy Nutrition

  • 'Pup' Corn

    New in the shop today - Liver flavour popcorn for dogs.  This is made with long grain rice rather than maize so it is easier to digest and it is a very low fat treat making it ideal for training dogs that need to watch their waistlines.  Available to buy instore or via our website now.  We have a sample bag open in the shop if you are popping in with your dog  and you would like to let them try some.


  • Alfie and Molly's Handbaked Treats

    We have some new yummy handbaked treats in store. The Alfie and Mollys' range contain super fresh, tasty ingredients. We have four varieties available (we selected these flavours following feedback from our Facebook friends - thanks): Roast Chicken, Sage & Apple, Peanut Butter & Banana, Double Cheese Oaties, and Funky Fish.


    We have a limited number of samples available instore at the moment so do ask if you would like to let your dog have a taste test when they visit

    These treats are also available to purchase on our website.

  • Leanlix Love

    "Indie Loves his Leanlix"


    Thanks to John for sharing this great photo.  The Leanlix has been developed to be an easy way to reward your dog with a healthy treat whilst ensuring that you avoid smelly, sloppery and possibly nipped fingers. All the ingredients are human grade and made and sourced in USA.  The Leanlix and Little Leanlix are available to buy in store and via our website.

  • Raw Feeding FAQs

    Just Dogs are delighted to be stocking BARF food as part of our range.  We have started off with introducing the more competitively priced PrizeChoice and Natures Menu ranges but watch this space as in the next month or so we will also be adding the Natural Instinct Range to our available selection. Continue reading

  • Food Intolerances/Allergies

    Allergies and Intolerances can manifest themselves in dogs of any age. Some may have them as a puppy and grow out of them, others may need the allergies/intolerances managed for the rest of their lives. Others can develop an allergy/intolerance in later life. Continue reading

  • "I won't eat it!" Reluctant/Fussy Eaters

    Before we discuss how to manage Fussy Eaters we feel it is important to stress that if you are seriously concerned about your dog's lack of appetite then we would always recommend seeking veterinary advice before attempting the techniques we describe below. Continue reading

  • Raw Feeding stocks and FAQs

    Just Dogs stocks a wide selection of Natural Instinct Raw foods (see full list of stock in table below).  We have also fulled together some handy FAQS as BARF feeding can seem quite daunting to some people and as it is a relatively new concept in the doggy world we wanted to provide our customers with a bit more information to allow them to make a more informed choice about whether this type of feeding will be right for their dog.

    Continue reading

  • Understanding Ingredients

    Understanding dog food ingredients can be a minefield of complicated lists, manipulative marketing, confusing messages and mixed opinions. Continue reading

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