Doggy Nutrition

  • NatureDiet update

    For those of you that use Naturediet you may already be aware that there have been some changes to their packaging which has caused some confusion.  We wanted to try to provide some info on this to help clarify, especially for those that are not aware of the changes.
    Naturediet have always had issues with the seals on their food.  They have been very tricky to open without using a knife and they ...have often been subject to blown seals, compromising the food inside.
    They have now changed their sealing and cooking processes to try to make the seals easier to open/less likely to blow and also to ensure that the food retains as much nutritional value as possible.  They have not been particularly proactive in communicating these changes and, as a result, it has caused a lot of confusion.  We want to confirm that, as a result of the changed sealing and cooking process, the food now has a different consistency (it now has a more coarse,less smooth texture) and the seals on the packs have a rippled effect rather than being smooth as before.  Naturediet have assured us that the ingredients have not changed though.
    Occasionally we are still experiencing a blown seal but it is very obvious when the seal has been compromised as it tends to be very loose on the surface or raised up like a balloon.  The food inside smells awful too.
    If you experience any blown packs, as always, we would encourage you to return these for an exchange/refund.
    We have also taken a photo of the new packaging/ food consistency for clarity.
    We have noticed in the wider doggy community that some people have been unhappy with the change but most of our customers have let us know that their dogs still enjoy the food (some even more so now) and that their digestion has not been affected and, given that Naturediet have said the ingredients have not changed, we want to continue stocking for now as we don't feel there are any other wet foods that have the quality of the Naturediet ingredients for such a good price . If you have any issues please do feel free to let us know as we are monitoring the situation and your feedback is always welcome.
  • new additions from Natural Choice

    Following the popularity of the Natural Choice Duck & Rice Sticks, we are now stocking Natural Choice Sticks in new Venison & Blueberry, and Rabbit & Cranberry varieties. These are both moist tasty high value treats with a high (90%) meat content and no gluten, no grains, no artificial flavouring & no colouring. We have cut up some samples of each for your dogs to try if you are popping into the shop today. The sticks are also available via our website.


  • Alpha Spirit Liver Sticks

    New in stock at Just Dogs we have Alpha Spirit Liver Sticks. These are a really high value, grain free, choppable training treat composed of beef, pork liver & tofu, and enriched with glucosamine, chondroitin and healthy omega oils. Feel free to ask for a wee sample whilst you're in if you'd like to see what your dog makes of them. Molly who's in the shop with us today gives them 4 paws up! (4 sticks per 99p pack)


  • Alfie and Mollys grain free treats

    We received our delivery of Alfie & Molly's Dog Bakery treats at the end of the week.  We now have the new grain-free varieties available (thanks to everyone who voted Chicken Liver Paws, Mackerel Munchies and Peanut Butter & Banana as the top flavours they wanted to see for their doggies).  Our handbaked treat range is bigger than ever now including the fantastic local Harry's Gourmet Treats, the ever popular Pooch's Dog Treats and now the artisanal Four Legged Fancies.  Thanks for supporting all the Independents =)


  • The Benefits of Coconut Oil

    We have been hearing lots of good things about the benefits of coconut oil for dogs.

  • Barker and Barker treats

    The Barker & Barker Treats continue to be really popular for training.  We are fully stocked up again after getting a delivery at the end of last week.  They are small, high value, low fat treats that don't make your fingers or pockets smell. They are a bit more expensive than some of our other treats but you get a LOT of treats per pouch so they go a long way and they are very high quality ingredients.
    As always, Barker and Barker have been generous with their samples so if you want to try before you buy let us know next time you are popping in (whilst stocks last of course).
    Available in small pots and large pouches in little and medium liver treats and arctic fish varieties in store and via our website now.
  • Natural Instinct Running Low

    We are very low on Natural Instinct at the moment - if you are planning to buy some today it might be a good idea to phone us before coming in to check that we still have enough left for you!
    Our next delivery is due on Tuesday so the freezer will be fully stocked again by then .


  • Staffordshire Rescue Scotland's Canine Cookbook

    We are supporting Staffordshire Rescue Scotland by selling their Canine Cookbook. Produced by one of their fantastic volunteers this is a really comprehensive and fun recipe book. The Cookbook costs £7.50 and ALL profits are going straight back to the rescue. Daisy was deciding which recipes sounded the yummiest in our photos below. We plan to bake up some of the treats and have them available for tasting over the weekend in store.

    Photo: We are supporting Staffordshire Rescue Scotland by selling their Canine Cookbook. Produced by one of their fantastic volunteers this is a really comprehensive and fun recipe book. The Cookbook costs £7.50 and ALL profits are going straight back to the rescue. Daisy was deciding which recipes sounded the yummiest in our photos below We plan to bake up some of the treats and have them available for tasting over the weekend in store.

  • The Powerchew Debate

    In recent months there has been a dramatic increase in reports from Vets of serious tooth fractures from the use of VERY hard chews such as Deer Antlers. Sadly this actually now ties into one of our customers and one of our own team members personal experience too. Scotlands most reputable Dental Vet, Norman Johnston, is calling for these products to be removed from shop shelves due to the amount of damage they can inflict if a dog does have a tooth injury (the website has much more information).

    We have thought long and hard about whether to stock these going forward as we know many people feel (as we have felt in the past) these are a good, safe and long lasting chew option for their dogs and we are aware that there is now much debate in the doggy community about their pros and cons. Following these new reports we feel that overall the risks outweigh the benefits of these products and so we will no longer have these (or Roots or sterilised marrow bones) out on the shop floor for sale. We had previously updated our labelling and provided a blog post to highlight the risks and benefits but don't feel that this is proactive enough in light of the new reports.

    We know we will have some initially disappointed customers but we really hope you understand that we have not taken this decision lightly. We want to make sure that we are being an informed and responsible retailer who want to minimise any risks to our customers dogs. We do appreciate that many dogs will have used these super hard chews without any problems and that it will be individual judgement as to whether to continue using these but we hate the idea that some dogs could suffer an injury as a result of a product we are stocking.

    If you would like other safe, long lasting chew alternatives we strongly recommend the likes of a stuffed Kong. We know some people comment that they can't get their dog interested in them but it is usually just a case of introducing them appropriately and choosing the right size and stuffing. Check out our Kong Blog or pop into the shop for a flyer, more info or more details on other chew alternatives.

  • New: Semi Moist Single Source Protein Treats

    New in this week - semi moist, single source protein treats.  All sourced from the EU, these high value treats are ideal for training.  They can be cut up into small pieces without crumbling and they have passed the taste test with dogs visiting the shop with flying colours   These are available in store and online now (full ingredients lists are on our website).


    Available in chicken and veg bites, salmon bites and duck and rice sticks - Yum!

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