Customer photos

  • Wee White Dug in his Bowtie

    "The Wee White Dug loving his new Bowzos collar and Bottom Sniffer beer for dogs." - Thanks for the picture Sam =) You can follow Caspers travels around Scotland on his doggy travel blog, Scotland with the Wee White Dug.


  • Beer and pizza night for all!

    "Saturday is beer and pizza night. Tonight, the furballs can join us!" - Thanks for the pic Cath - hope you ALL had a great night! After running out over the weekend we're happy to say our stocks of Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer have now been replenished =)


  • A Cold Dog Beer

    Molly and Sandy like to keep cool with frozen Bottom Sniffer dog beer cubes =)


  • Snack & Dash Fun

    Dodger, Patch, Lily-Bean & Leo say "We love the Snack & Dash! We weren't scared of the noise once we realised it meant delicious snacks were coming!" Thanks to Deb for the pic =)

    Have your dogs tried the Snack & Dash treat gun? What did they make of it?


  • It's Elementary!

    How cute is Sherlock? This wee chap popped in today to get fitted with a Ruffwear Front Range harness which suits him just perfectly <3


  • Sandy's Choice!

    Sandy can't decide which of the new Bowzos collars suits him best... ;-)


  • Dogs In Need Of Space

    Karen says "Buddy my rescue will hopefully enjoy his walks even more now with his bandana."

    There are lots of reasons why a dog may need some space - they may have health issues, be nervous or shy, elderly or in training. If your dog is showing signs of nervousness, discomfort or aggression around strangers or strange dogs at close range, this bandana, together with appropriate training and management, could help make walks less stressful for both of you by making others aware not to get too close (or allow their dog to get too close) to your dog. For more information about what you can do to help your dog please see DINOS: Dogs in Need of Space or ask us for more information in store.


  • Sprocket's new harness and lead

    What a face! :) Sprocket the Deerhound puppy came in today to be fitted with a new harness and double-ended Halti lead. Isn't she gorgeous!

  • Scout's new harness

    "Thanks for your help with choosing a new harness for our lab Scout yesterday. Here he is modelling it proudly at Cammo this morning!" Thanks for the pic Stacey - he wears it well!
    If you'd like to try a harness for your dog, we're always happy to chat you through the various styles of harness, provide advice about what style may best suit your dog and help make sure you get a comfortable and secure fit =)


  • Betty's Nylon Bone Chew

    "Betty loves her new bone! ?" - Thanks for the pic Sallie =) We often recommend these nylon bone chews for pups who might otherwise turn to destructive chewing.


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