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  • Bottom Sniffer dog beer!

    *New in today!* Will your dog be washing down their dinner with a bottle of Bottom Sniffer?! This non-alcoholic, non-carbonated doggy beer contains dandelion and burdock along with other herbs and can be served as a drink or over food =)


  • Sprocket's new harness and lead

    What a face! :) Sprocket the Deerhound puppy came in today to be fitted with a new harness and double-ended Halti lead. Isn't she gorgeous!

  • Charity Giveaway

    We have 10 packs of fish finger biscuits with a short shelf life (July '16) that we would like to donate to rescue. We need your help in figuring out which rescue to donate to this time around. Please feel free to suggest a rescue in the comments below by noon on Wednesday 13th July and then we will select one from the suggestions at random. The rescues must be in mainland UK to allow us to post the goodies out and we would prefer to support a rescue we haven't given a donation to previously. Thanks in advance for your help =)
    **UPDATE** Wow - again what a response this post has had! We can't believe how many people comment with their suggestions and we wish we could help all the very worthy rescues. This time around our random selection means that Birmingham Greyhound Protection will receive the donated goodies.

    Thanks so, so much again for all the suggestions. We try to do as much for different rescues as we can and will no doubt have some other goodies to donate in the near future for another worthy rescue to benefit from.


  • Grounds' fundraising dog biscuits

    Pop a penny in their collection tin and help yourself to a homemade doggie treat down the street from us at Grounds of Stockbridge! These treats are made with all natural ingredients and Grounds are kindly donating all funds raised to our 3 charities of the year: Animal SOS Sri Lanka, The Underheugh Ark Rescue and Wonky Pets Rescue =) Here's one of our favourite regulars Quinn waiting patiently to try one <3


  • Scout's new harness

    "Thanks for your help with choosing a new harness for our lab Scout yesterday. Here he is modelling it proudly at Cammo this morning!" Thanks for the pic Stacey - he wears it well!
    If you'd like to try a harness for your dog, we're always happy to chat you through the various styles of harness, provide advice about what style may best suit your dog and help make sure you get a comfortable and secure fit =)


  • Betty's Nylon Bone Chew

    "Betty loves her new bone! ?" - Thanks for the pic Sallie =) We often recommend these nylon bone chews for pups who might otherwise turn to destructive chewing.

  • Travel Water Bottles

    We're all topped up with travel water bottles again so your pooch need not go thirsty in the warmer summer weather =) These durable stainless steel bottles keep water fresh and cool for hours whilst you're out walking and have a cleverly designed cap that doubles as a bowl for your dog's water as well as clip to attach to your belt or bag. Most importantly, given our experience with many other doggy water bottles, they do not leak!


  • Snack & Dash Dog Snack Launcher

    This week's top new product is the Snack&Dash Dog Snack Launcher! Have a bit of silly fun with your dog with this treat gun, which can hold and launch medium sized round treats such as kibble to a distance of up to 10 feet - just remember not to aim directly at them! The launcher is quite noisy so we recommend caution if using with sound sensitive dogs, however as you can see in this video, Jane's dog Gizzy (usually quite sensitive to loud noises) quickly acclimatised to it once he realised it was the source of his dinner. It certainly made dinner time more interesting for dog and human alike ;-)

  • Well done Stuart!

    You may recognise one of the authors of this anthology of short stories selected by Stephen King... ;-) Big well done to long standing staff member Stuart!


  • Honey modelling our lurcher muzzles

    Thanks to Joanna for sending us these pictures of her beautiful lurcher Honey modelling one of our lurcher muzzles =) She says, "She has a small head for her body so I was worried about it fitting but it has been absolutely fine." (All proceeds from sales of our sighthound muzzles are donated to Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary, who rescue and find homes for homeless greyhounds and lurchers in Scotland.)

    DSC09282 DSC09438

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