The Marshmallow Lady's auction donation

12790838_1155982484426038_1596175662300305827_nJust a few days until the launch of our fundraising Auction now. Tonights "sneak peak" is a truly scrumptious Lot from The Marshmallow Lady. Her prize will be 13 bags of delicious hand made marshmallows. It will include a mix of flavours which will be selected by Nicole depending on what has been made that week but will include Key Lime Pie, Raspberry, Lemon Souffle, Passionfruit, After Eight, ...Vanilla Bean and more. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm =) Don't forget the she also has a store on Rodney Street and is usually at the Stockbridge Sunday Market too.

It is not too late to donate if you have a business and would like to get involved.

We now have over 50 confirmed Lots and we are so, so grateful to all the businesses that have donated so far. We wouldn't be able to do this without you!


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