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  • Smalls for All collection

    945570_1126868134004140_433623706470223931_nThis month along with our collection of goodies for a local doggy rescue (this month it is Any Dog'il Do Rescue) we are also doing a more unusual collection for charity Smalls for All.

    Smalls for All and their supporters help to collect and distribute underwear, both new pants and new or gently worn bras, to women and children in Africa who need it most. They help those living in orphanages or IDP camps, as well as those suffering from medical conditions like fistula. Not only is it a health and hygiene problem for many poor African communities, as women often only own one pair of tattered pants or have none at all, but underwear is also seen as a status symbol and offers a degree of security. Women who can afford underwear tend to be seen as having someone who cares for them – a husband, brother or father. They are not on their own so they are not seen as vulnerable.

    At the end of the month we will send a care package onto the charity so Ladies, if you want to have a clear out of bras from your drawer or if you want you want to pop in any new donations of pants, feel free to do so over the course of the month =)

  • New Cold Pressed Food

    We are really excited about the arrival of a new food. Pure Dog Grain Free Cold Pressed food with Chicken and Trout will be hitting our shelves later this week.

    Low temperature, cold pressing ensures the preservation of nutrients, especially those of the oils. It also ensure that free radicals are not produced which can put a strain on the dogs metabolism and damage skin and coat health. Cold pressed food releases nutrients more slowly and dissolves from the outside in (unlike baked foods) making them very easy to digest and also it can also guard against the risk of gastric dilation-volvulus syndrome (bloat).

    Pure Dog are also releasing 100% organic grain free tinned foods which we are also stocking so if you want to feed ethically this could be the food for your dog!.

    We will update when the food arrives.

    Does anyone feed cold pressed food to their dog/s currently? Would love to hear how you find it.

  • Polly on her travels

    "Polly's various crimes have finally caught up with here at Inveraray jail.." another hilarious photo of Polly on her travels from Dan =)


  • Another SGS donation from muzzle sales

    Thanks so, so much to our customers who purchase their Sighthound muzzles from us online and in store. All proceeds from sales of these muzzles are always donated directly to Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary. In 2015 we transferred £1173. We have just made our first donation for 2016 of £204 - here's to another bumper year of donations :-)


  • Snowy Sam

    Snowy Sam in his Hotterdog fleece <3 (one of our fav photos!)


  • Molly and her mannequins

    We are re-jigging the window today but Molly decided to have a wee cuddle of the mannequins first. We will feel bad about taking her head rests away now!


  • New year, new toys

    New Year, new toys! Daisy wasn't as excited as we were though:-)


  • EDCH calendars

    Didn't get a Calendar for Christmas? Daisy says "Chill!" =) We still have 7 Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home ones left. All proceeds going directly back to the rescue (and all the photos courtesy of the fantastic Cheryl from Edinburgh Dog Photography).


  • Happy New Year!

    Loving this New Years photo of Mas and Zorka from Paul! Hee hee =)


  • Can you donate to our fundraising auction?

    **DONATIONS GRATEFULLY RECEIVED FOR OUR FUNDRAISING AUCTION** Following the fantastic success of the last four years Fundraising Auctions we are planning our 5th one for March this year. All funds raised will be split between our nominated rescues this year: Animal SOS Sri Lanka, The Underheugh Ark, Wonky Pets Rescue. Last year we were absolutely delighted with the support we got from many differe...nt individuals and companies who very generously supported us with items for our Auction (we had over 70 Lots). We are once again making a plea for items for donation. If you are a business who would like to support this fundraiser we will of course ensure that we link to your Facebook Page/Website to give you a bit of a plug too (it is a nice way to promote your business whilst helping some very worthy causes). Thanks so much in advance to anyone who plans to help us make the Auction even bigger and better than last year! Please feel free to PM, call or email with details of any donations you may like to make. Thanks so much in advance for your support x

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