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  • Grace Maran - Artist

    I wanted to give a little plug to Grace Maran - Artist who is Edinburgh based. Grace did two beautiful sketches for usfor Christmas gifts. She has captured the two dogs wonderfully. One is of Christina's Layla and the other is of Jane's first rescue boy Max <3

    12640486_1138602006164086_2596569955369701237_o 12651352_1138601769497443_7479945547907879560_n

  • Bulls pizzle chow down!

    Rescue Greyhounds Shay and Dash enjoying chowing down on their bulls pizzle chews - yum =)  Thanks Martin for the photo.


  • Celebrating Burns Day in style!

    Gorgeous Ruby getting into the Burns spirit with her new blue tartan coat <3 Thanks Sarah for the photo . Have any of your dogs been involved in the Burns celebrations today?


  • Natutripe gets seal of approval

    Great set of photos of Birdie tucking into one of the new cold-pressed 100% tripe bones. Think they get her seal of approval =) Thanks Lucie for the photo.


  • Slo Feed Bowl a success

    Bailey trying our her new slow feed bowl (thanks Arleen for the photo). Does your dog use a slow feeding bowl to help aid digestion and/or keep them more mentally stimulated?


  • Outhwaites Sighthound Coats

    Minnie and Mickey are perfect models for the Outhwaites Whippet coats. Thanks so much to Jen for such a great action shot! Love the happy lolling tongue of their other dog Sally in the background too - looks like she can't quite keep up with the Whipples =)


  • Natutripe bone a hit!

    That is one happy pup =)  Thanks so much to Lauren for this great photo of Arya chowing down on her Natutripe bone. These 100% cold-pressed tripe bones are a new addition to our natural pick n mix and they are getting great feedback so far.



  • Win Pure Dog and Lilys Kitchen Tins

    **COMPETITION TIME** The new ethical 100% organic tinned foods from Pure Dog are proving popular. We decided to do a wee window display and are running a competition to "Guess the number of tins in the window display". All you have to do is pop your guess in the comments under the post on our Facebook page (if we have more than one correct answer we will draw at random from those). Closing is noon on Sat 6th Feb. The winning guess will receive 3 of the Pure Dog tins and 3 of the Lily's kitchen tins (also featured in the window). They can be collected in store or posted to a mainland UK address. We do also have some samples in store of the new food for your doggies to try (whilst stocks last). Good luck!


  • Loose Lead Walking Workshop

    **Lead the Way - Loose lead walking workshop from Wells Trained** In this workshop you will learn how to teach your dog to walk politely on a loose lead. Lead walking can be one of the most difficult things to train as we are always competing with the distractions in the environment - smells, other dogs, people, squirrels...

    During this workshop you and your dog will learn how to teach the loose... lead walking behaviour effectively, how to manage your dog in the meantime when the environment is just that little bit too distracting and how to proof the behaviour for distractions and duration.

    February 21st 2016 7:30-9:30pm
    LifeCare centre, Stockbridge
    Follow-up email summarising your session
    Complimentary clicker and bag of treats
    £25 per dog

    To enquire about booking a space go to the Wells Trained website

  • New Benevo mix-it-yourself doggy cake

    16 paws up for the Benevo Organic Carob and Cinnamon cake mix with Organic Coconut Frosting from Gizzy, Molly, Dennis and Sandy, who very kindly agreed to sample it for us! They were very dainty and only ate one slice between them so Jane has brought the rest of the cake into the shop today for our doggy customers to help polish off =) The cake is super easy to make - you just add water and oil then pop in the microwave. (Jane used coconut oil and sprinkled some grated carrot on top for an extra finish!)


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