Sticky Bone Treat Dispensing Toys

Daisy and Sam got to try out the new Sticky Bone Treat dispensing toy today =) The USP for this one is that it can be stuck to any hard surface (sticks best to glass, white goods and tiles we have found though). This makes it ideal for dogs with joint problems who need an elevated toy or for those that have had an injury and need a stationary toy. it also adds an extra challenge for... any dog having to work out how to empty the toy best when it is stuck fast at a different angle to what they would be used to when using a Kong etc! Daisy had a blast with it and it kept her going for about 35 mins after we stuffed some of the new kangaroo grain free simpsons wet food into the grooves. She tried multiple times to dislodge it with her paw (video to follow) but it was stuck fast. These are best suited to moderate chewers only as they are not as tough as a Kong. Coming all the way from the States they are £14.99 so a bit more pricey than your average Kong but if you have a dog who loves treat dispensers and is not a power chewer we think they are FAB!
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