Products to keep dogs cool

Phew - another scorcher of a day! We've pulled together some of our products that can help to keep dogs cool in the heat: Cool mats, collapsible water bowls in various sizes, cool coats, travel cups (screw onto most bottled water in place of cap), kongs (for filling & freezing), sunmist spray (sunscreen), freezable chew toys, doggy ice cream, and bandanas (for soaking) . What do you use to keep yo...ur dog cool & comfortable in the sun? We'd love to hear your ideas and recommendations =)

Thanks to Dan who has already helpfully suggested using a spray bottle filled with cool water to mist your dog with in the heat. NB If a spray bottle has been used to stop unwanted behaviours in the past (which we don't recommend) your dog may not like being sprayed in this way.

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