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  • Rawhide Chews: Getting Some Perspective

    rawhide_chipsRecently there has been a post circulated heavily across many doggy pages on social media about the risks of feeding rawhide chews.  We have had lots of people wanting to speak to us about it in the shop so we thought it may also be helpful to pop up some further info to allow you to make an informed choice.  Whilst the post in question makes lots of  very valid points, and it is absolutely important to be aware of risks and to make sure you look at where items are sourced from, we are also concerned that there are some points that are perhaps not as balanced as they could be and we thought it would be helpful to try to clarify some of these points. We have provided the full details in a blog article on the subject.   As a summary we would always recommend that you research where you source the hide you give your dog.  We would also only recommend giving hide to dogs whilst supervising and only to those dogs that are not too greedy with gulping down larger pieces of unchewed hide (but we would also recommend this with any harder chew).  Rawhide may not work for every dog but the same could be said for other chews (i.e. some dogs do well with pigs ears but others find them too rich).

    Point 1:   "A rawhide stick is not the by-product of the beef industry nor is it made of dehydrated meat. Rather, rawhide is the by-product of the “Leather Industry”, so theoretically it is a leather chew. ?" Although it is not a dehydrated meat product it is still a by-product of the beef industry (as is leather) and there are lots of other natural chews which are not dehydrated meat i.e. ears, snouts etc which are very popular.  We have been very careful to ensure that the main range of hide chews we stock in the shop are from highly regulated, ethical supplier.  The main range we stock are actually from Argentian/Brazilian free range cattle which are used for their meat and then the leather and hide are also produced from these cattle.

    Point 2:   "Once at the tannery: the hides are soaked and treated with either an ash-lye solution or a highly toxic recipe of sodium sulphide liming. This process will help strip the hair and fat that maybe attached to the hides themselves. "  To remove excess hair, salts or oils the hide we stock are soaked in large vats with mostly water and there are no harmful or toxic chemicals  used (they are not soaked in a highly toxic recipe of sodium sulphide liming as referred to in the original post).    They are solely made of fully digestible hypodermic interstitial tissue (AKA skin) and no harmful chemicals are used to "puff" the hide as described in the original post.  They are not bleached either.  There may be some sources of hide which this applies to but not from the higher quality ranges which we choose to stock.

    Point 3: "Basted, smoked, and decoratively tinted products might be any color (or odor) underneath the coating of (often artificial) dyes and flavors. They can even be painted with a coating of titanium oxide to make them appear white and pretty on the pet store shelves"  There are certain types of hide from poor sources which certainly  can be coloured and flavoured with potentially harmful chemicals and we would always recommend ensuring that you check out where your products are sourced from.  Again, we are extremely careful about where we source from and ensure that the hides are either uncoloured or only using natural flavouring (i.e. for the peanut butter ones we stock).  We are careful about where we source all our treats from though as other poor quality, harmful treats are also on the market - not just in hide market.

    Point 4: "When tested: Lead, arsenic, mercury, chromium salts, formaldehyde, and other toxic chemicals have been detected in raw hides. So it’s safe to say that any sort of glues can be used as well!"  Again we are aware that there are some products which can be from less well regulated and traceable sources (the same can be said for many treats not just rawhide).  We are careful to ensure that our hide is from very transparent, well regulated and inspected sources which do not use any toxic, harmful chemicals in their production.

    Point 5: “Choking or blockages. If your dog swallows large pieces of rawhide, the rawhide can get stuck in the esophagus or other parts of the digestive tract. Sometimes, abdominal surgery is needed to remove them from the stomach or intestines. If it isn’t resolved, a blockage can lead to death.“  Rawhides, as with any chews, can carry a small choking risk.  We always recommend that you supervise your dog carefully when feeding and if they are greedy and prone to chewing off larger pieces and swallowing whole then we would not recommend giving these to your dog.  We would also advise this for many of the other treats though which some people argue as more "natural" i.e. raw bones, pigs ears, pizzles etc.

    Whilst we do appreciate that there can be a risk of choking if your dog is not being properly supervised, we like to let our customers balance this up with the advantages when properly supervised.  It can provide a safer outlet for chewing than other things around the house they may be focussing on. It can also be a useful addition for tooth cleaning and as an aid to combatting boredom or anxiety alleviation.

    We appreciate rawhide may not be suited to all dogs (if they are a greedy eater or if they have a sensitivity to beef etc) and for more information on the pros and cons of different chewing items please do have a look at our "to chews or not to chews" article on our blog or ask for a leaflet in store.

  • Phoebe is looking for her forever home - please share

    Any Dog'il Do Rescue have asked us to share on little Phoebe's details. She has been in foster with the rescue for over 18 months now and they just can't figure out why she has not found her forever home as she is a smashing little dog. She loves people and gets on well with most dogs but does seem to prefer females. She has been, good ...with the children she has met and has lived with her foster brother, who is now two, quite happily. She has been working on her leash skills, and this would benefit from further ongoing training, she walks well next to the buggy, so would be a great family dog. Phoebe doesn't like cats but she does share her foster home with a lizard, tortoise and a hamster and is not too interested in these at all, if anything she appears a bit scared of the hamster smile emoticonPhoebes foster mum reports that initially when Phoebe came to her, she was unsure how things would go, but advised they quickly settled into a routine, with only one or two toilet accidents while they were learning each others routine. Phoebe dotes on her human brother and takes treats from him gently. In her foster mums own words "Phoebe is an all round brilliant wee dog, she doesn't get on with every dog she meets, but then humans don't get along with everyone they meet either!" Phoebe is doing brilliant in foster, but really would love to find her forever home. Do you have space on your sofa for a pint size staffie cross? Any Dog Il Do would love to hear from you if you do. Even if you can't offer her a home Phoebe would be grateful if you could share her details on.

    Phoebe will be featuring on our adoption board in the shop. If you are involved with any local rescues and you would like us to feature any long stay dogs that need an extra bit of publicity please do get in touch with details.

  • Chester's happy face

    Whenever Chester comes in to stock up on goodies he always wants to carry his bag of venison marrow bones home with him. It is just so adorable and we couldn't resist getting a photo of him on his way out this week. Look at that happy face


  • Walk The Dogs Competition Time

    **Walk the Dogs Competition Time** For this months competition we are looking for entries featuring your dog/s out on a favourite walk. We would love to hear about details of the walk along with the photo. The closing date for entries is Sunday 26th Jul at 12 noon. All photos will be uploaded into an album and the winner will be selected after closing so make it a good one! Only one photo per entrant and the entrants must be mainland UK residents to allow us to post out the prize. The prize is a travel food and water bowl, some Pooch's Shake and Treat Fish Cubes, some sliced sausage treats and two packets of natural choice sticks (one beef and one chicken). Perfect for those days out! Good Luck =)
  • Murphy's Moose

    From Nikki "Murph loves the tripe sticks, but by far the best thing from his point of view is the tweedy moose. He hasn't put it down since he took it out the bag!" Thanks for the photo Nikki


  • Still collecting for Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary

    We're collecting goodies for the homeless hounds in Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary's care for another week. We've not had quite as many donations as we usually do with our monthly collections. So if you have any unwanted toys, beds, food, treats or doggy accessories that you don't need for your own dog please do feel free to drop them in to us over the coming week.

  • Ezy Dog Chest Plate Harnesses

    One of our deliveries today was a top up on the ever popular Ezydog Harnesses. Their chest plate provides excellent support and they are especially popular was broad chested breeds. They also come with a car restraint loop and can team up as a car harness too


  • Poor Bailey!

    From Claire: "Bailey can never walk past your shop without wanting to go in. I think he knows he will always get a biscuit and loads of attention! He went on strike outside it today when he couldn't go in. We both absolutely love your shop!" Bailey we promise to give you double cuddles and treats the next time you are in =)


  • Monday Meander at Doune Castle

    Our "Monday Meander" this week was the Doune Castle and River Teith trail. It was a bit muddy underfoot and the weather wasn't the best but, as you can see, Daisy and Sam still had a blast. What were you and your four legged friends up to this weekend?


  • Layla's Crackehead ball


    Layla loves squeaky toys so as an alternative she is now trying out the Cracklehead ball from JW - no squeak but instead it provides the crackle sound and crunchy feel without the issues of water bottles, which have caps that come loose, sharp rings that are left in place and ridges that can harm sensitive mouth areas. That girl is such a fantastic poser <3


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