Trevor a golden boy in his golden years is looking for a new home

Earlier this week we spent an afternoon at The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home getting to know some of the fantastic doggies looking for homes and taking some goodies down for them to put to use. Cheryl from Edinburgh Dog Photography very generously gave up her time to take some amazing shots which we hope will let people see just how much these fantastic dogs have to give.  Every day we are featuring a different dog in need of a home and hoping we may be able to help them find a forever home.

Today we are featuring Trevor.   We totally fell in love with some of the long stay, OAP staffies including Trevor.  Trevor is the three "Ts".  Tactile, Tranquil and Terrific.  Despite being an older boy he is very fit and would still be happy to go for good walks and he loves playing with toys.  He adores cuddles and would be happy to snuggle up with you on the couch.  We were truly saddened to hear that Trevor has been in the kennels for 3 years!  3 Years?!  He is so lovely and although he may not be a fan of sharing his home with another dog he is just so great with people and a lovely calm lad who would make such a great companion.  We hate the idea that this boy has been over looked just because he is a senior citizen black staffie.  If you can get past these stereotypes you will find such a charming and fun lad who deserves to find a couch to call his own!

Trevor 2 resize

We are so desperate to see Trevor in a forever home to enjoy his golden years.  Please do consider visiting him at EDCH (he does have some medical issues that the staff will chat you through when visiting but they should not put you off this smasher of a lad).  We know he would be delighted to see you.  If you are not in a position to rehome it would be fantastic if you could share his details.  This older lad so deserves a new home!  Fingers crossed for Trevor!
Trevor had great time playing with the large I Squeak ball we donated and just didn't want to be parted with it :-)
trevor 3 resize
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