Earlier this week we spent an afternoon at The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home getting to know some of the fantastic doggies looking for homes and taking some goodies down for them to put to use. Cheryl from Edinburgh Dog Photography very generously gave up her time to take some amazing shots which we hope will let people see just how much these fantastic dogs have to give.  Every day we are featuring a different dog in need of a home and hoping we may be able to help them find a forever home.

Today we are featuring Marc.  He is the most adorable young neutered Lab cross.

marc resize

We had such fun with him in the paddock on Monday.  He is full of fun, loves to play, is super friendly and very responsive when using toys and treats as a motivator.

He will make a smashing addition to any household and will respond well to training to bring on his basic manners etc.  He is very friendly with other dogs he has met and could be homed with another dog or in a child savvy household.

Marc came into the Dog and Cat Home as a stray and he has a mild balance condition which affects his mobility ever so slightly.  He has slight coordination issues and can be a bit wobbly on his feet.  It doesn't get in the way of him being a very happy and playful pup and he is still very active and enjoys a good romp!  It will mean that his new owner will need to be aware of this and manage his exercise etc appropriately.

How can you resist that face?  Marc is currently looking for a new home and it seems a shame that this boy who has so much going for him is in rescue.  If you are in a position to offer Marc a new home we are sure the EDCH would love to hear from you.  They always welcome visitors at the Centre and encourage people to meet dogs they are interested in and get to know them a bit better.

If you are not in a position to offer him a home we would be so grateful if you could share Marc's details in the hope that we can help him secure a great forever home soon!

Thanks too Marc for doing such a great job of modelling the front range harness from Ruffwear (big thanks to Ruffwear UK for donating this and the Orbee Tuff Ball pictured below to the EDCH).

marc 4

Don't forget to also check our Cheryl's Edinburgh Dog Photograhy Facebook Page if you would be interested in getting some great action shots of your own dog :-)

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