Beautiful Buster has spent too long in kennels - can we help him find a new home?

Earlier this week we spent an afternoon at The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home getting to know some of the fantastic doggies looking for homes and taking some goodies down for them to put to use. Cheryl from Edinburgh Dog Photography very generously gave up her time to take some amazing shots which we hope will let people see just how much these fantastic dogs have to give.  Every day we are featuring a different dog in need of a home and hoping we may be able to help them find a forever home.

Buster is another long stay OAP staffie.  This poor lad is so stressed in kennels but has been in EDCH since 2011!  Being a senior lad and a staffie means that he is often overlooked but this boy has so much to offer.  Buster is the three "Bs".  He is Bright, Bouncy and Big Hearted.  He really is a special and very loving boy and we just can't understand why he hasn't found his forever home long before now.

Although Buster is not keen on other dogs he absolutely adores people and loves nothing more than spending time getting cuddles and playing with toys (he had great fun with the Tuffy 3 Way Tugger and the Supersnake n the paddock).  He is very fit for a senior citizen.  He does get a little stressed when left on his own but he doesn't have severe separation issues and with a little work he would likely be happy to curl up on the couch and chill.

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It breaks our heart to think that this lad, who should be chilling out in his golden years, has been overlooked in the kennels for the last three years.  Can you help find his perfect forever home?

Please do consider visiting him at EDCH.  We know he would be delighted to see you.  If you are not in a position to rehome it would be fantastic if you could share his details.  This older lad so deserves a new home!  Good Luck gorgeous Buster!

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