The pooches in the Just Dogs team are super lucky.  They have access to lots of different goodies and they get the benefit of road testing new products too :-) We all have our favourites though and this month each of the team are going to pull together a top ten favourite items with some info on why we/the dogs like them so much.
Jane has pulled together her list of favourite products that she uses with her rescued sighthounds, Molly, Sandy, Dennis & Gizzy:
I feed my dogs the vast majority of their meals via their Green Feeder. Not only does it slow down the rate at which they eat and prevent them from guzzling their food too fast (a potential issue with 3 of them), but it also provides mental stimulation by engaging their brain in the feeding process and I think it must be so much more interesting for them than just mindlessly transferring food from bowl to stomach without even thinking about it. I occasionally switch things up a bit and use a Kong WobblerTreat Ball or Snuffle Mat to feed our dogs' meals, but nothing beats the Green Feeder for ease of use. Definitely one of our best ever doggy purchases!
A wee video of my dogs' first encounter with their Green Feeder: https://youtu.be/VhUN9FMrqLg
I walk all 4 of my dogs in Xtra Dog fleecey harnesses. The harnesses are a really good fit, allowing for their deep chests and the delicate skin behind their forelegs (where I found other harnesses could cause chafing). The front attachment rings are great for Sandy and Gizzy who are both prone to pulling at times. The harnesses mean I can use longer leads without worrying about any strain on or jolts to my dogs' necks.
the crew in their harnesses
I find it really useful to be able to lengthen or shorten the length of this lead depending on the circumstances or environment we are walking in e.g. shorter for in built up urban areas, longer for quieter rural walks. Having clips at both ends means they are perfect for using with both attachment points on the Xtra Dog harnesses. I also frequently clip two of these leads together to create a long line and give my dogs a bit more freedom to explore whilst keeping them safe.
Sandy & Gizzy with Halti training leads clipped to their harnesses
Paws down this is Dennis & Sandys' favourite toy in the world! In fact Sandy never used to even show any interest in toys at all until he encountered Super Snake! And despite being a notorious de-squeaker of toys, Dennis has yet to silence the incredible Super Snake. Both boys can frequently be found trotting around the house with these toys in their mouths (we have two of course, so they can have one each!), offering them up to you to play tug or fetch with, or in Dennis's case just standing on one end whilst playing tug with the other - bless, or snuggled up with them in bed. Other toys come and go in this house but Super Snake remains king!
Dennis with his Super Snake
I attach bells to my dogs when they are off lead so that I can hear them even if I can't see them, and so that any unassuming wildlife in the vicinity gets a good heads up of their approach and time to flee to safety. These Bear Bells are great because they are nice and loud and can be attached and detached easily by velcro fastening.
Gizzy wearing his Bear Bell
6. Classic Kong toys (& other stuffable / treat dispensing toys)
Kongs are the go-to treat to give the dogs to occupy themselves with when they are left home alone. I worry about leaving them unsupervised with other things like rawhide or bones but with Kongs there isn't the same risk of choking or tooth fracture. I like to vary the fillings but typically put something really tasty like dried liver or peanut butter at the bottom, then a layer of kibble, followed by a layer of something creamy like cottage cheese or mashed banana, then finish with a something like a stick of tripe or fish skin wedged in the end. If I freeze these the dogs will be occupied for several hours meticulously extracting everything. As well as classic kongs, I also stuff Orbee Tuff toys, Tux, Bento Balls & Pickle Pockets for a bit of variety.
a batch of Kongs, all stuffed & ready to freeze
What better way to cheer yourself up on a dark winter's morning or night than a rainbow of cheery glowing haloes round your dogs?! Seriously though, these Lumitube collars are practical as well as pretty - they are a great way to keep tabs on my dogs in the dark (and identify which ones which by the 4 different colours) as well as alert other people of our approach. I find them particularly handy for evening canicross runs with Sandy and Gizzy.
Molly wearing her Lumitube (& Bear Bell!)
These pastes take the stress out of medicating my dogs and cutting their nails! The slightly thicker texture of the liver paste makes it ideal for coating tablets with, and my dogs will readily take any pills coated in this way. The salmon paste is slightly softer and just the right texture for licking directly off the end of the tube, and it's what I used to desensitise my dogs to having their nails cut, and still use every time to keep up the positive association. (They are also both good for plugging the end of Kongs with!)
 Trixie pastes on standby for nail cutting & pill giving
Two of my dogs wear muzzles, Sandy on account of his prey drive and Dennis on account of his fear of other dogs (which can manifest as aggression if their owners persist in letting them invade his personal space uninvited). I use careful management & (force free) training to help my dogs with these issues too, but the muzzles provide a safety back up in case of unexpected or unavoidable encounters. Neither dog minds wearing them, and I am confident they can pant, drink and take treats whilst doing so. I love that Just Dogs Shop donates proceeds from the sighthound muzzles they sell to Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary, where both Sandy and Dennis were adopted from.
Sandy enjoying some offlead time in an appropriate environment whilst wearing his muzzle
10. Nobble Ball
I love this ball as it means my ball daft greyhound Dennis can still play fetch even whilst wearing his muzzle - he is able to grasp the little nobbley spokes through his basket muzzle! Who says dogs wearing muzzles can't have fun?!
Dennis playing with his Nobble Ball at the beach
We would love to hear what your top ten doggie products are and why - if it is something we don't stock we would love to do more research and your input is so valuable!
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