7 things you may not know...

Right guys, we thought we would transfer the "7 things you may not know" facebook trend onto a more doggy theme - just for a bit of fun (thanks to Jane for the idea).  We would LOVE to hear a bit more about your dogs.  We have kicked things off with 7 combined facts about Daisy and Sam that you might not have known before (and aruguably some you may not want to know!)
7 things you may not know about Daisy and Sam:
1. Daisy we have had from a pup but Sam came to us from Scottish SPCA and has converted us to "opt to adopt" from now on =)
2. Daisy's favourite toy is a rubber squeaky ball. Sam's is a plastic bottle, a sock, a pair of pants (yes really?!), a slipper (anything that isn't a dog toy basically)
3. Favourite food - anything goes for both dogs.  They are typical Spaniels - hoovers!  Given the chance they have even been known to sample "kitty rocky road" as referred to by Stuart (we will leave it to you to figure out what this is)
4. Cuddles  - Sam LOVES cuddles.  The closer he can get for a snuggle the happier he is.  Daisy likes to have a paw on you and likes to smell peoples breathe (!?!) but is not a fan of the super snuggle like Sam =)
5. Daisy loves to run - she is getting a bit too old for long runs now but she would have enjoyed Cani Cross in her younger years.  Sam loves doggy dancing =) We have tried lots of different "doggy sports" with both our dogs and Sam's favourite is canine freestyle and his tail wags constantly when he is training.
6. We groom both our dogs ourselves (thus their scruffy look if you ever see us out with them).  Sam is nervous of getting his haircut but a tube of primula, bags of patience and some daddy cuddles is enough to allow us to give him a trim =)
7. When we first got Sam, he and Daisy didn't love each other but now they are pals and even snuggle with one another =)