5 reasons why dogs make the perfect valentines date...

Just a bit of Valentine's themed fun - We couldn't resist making a list of 5 reasons why dogs make the perfect Valentine's date:
1. You don't need to slave over the stove to impress them with their meal and they will NEVER be late for dinner
2. Your wardrobe wont matter - the comfier for a cuddle the better as far as your dog is concerned!
3. Your dog is happy to just "snuggle" in bed =)
4. Slobbery kisses from your dog are better than slobbery kisses on a first dat
5. Since your dog can't talk there will be no awkward silences
We'd love to hear your other reasons why dogs make perfect Valentine's dates (and any Valentine themed photos of your dogs too of course) =)
Why not make a Valentine's date with your local rescue - there will be plenty of eligible pooches waiting to share their lives with you =)