Street Dogs Edinburgh donation

We have had a truly AMAZING response to our "Street Dogs Edinburgh" Appeal.  During Sept and Oct you have been dropping off so many lovely goodies which are being used (along with donations from Just Dogs) to provide care packages for some of the dogs that live with homeless owners in Edinburgh. There are only 3 homeless shelters in Edinburgh that accept pets and they work with two vets from the The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies who very generously give up their own time to provide regular free clinics for the dogs visiting these shelters. We are working with the Vets and the shelters directly to make sure that we split our donations between all 3 shelters to give maximum benefit to visiting dogs.  We are doing a drop off tomorrow to two of them with lots of goodies (as pictured) for distribution and couldn't believe it when we sorted through the piles of goodies - it is by far the biggest collection to date!
We appreciate there are differing views on whether or not homeless people should keep pets but many of these dogs have a hugely close relationship with their owners and often they take better care of their pets than they do themselves. We have been delighted with how people have got behind this campaign.  You have all been so generous (we have even had some jumpers which have been knitted specially for the dogs).  The dogs visiting the hostels will be able to benefit from a wonderful selection of coats, blankets, food, treats, toys and more.
Thanks as always for your help it is hugely heart warming to always get such wonderful support for these appeals!
We will update next week on which rescue we will be collecting for during November