NatureDiet update

For those of you that use Naturediet you may already be aware that there have been some changes to their packaging which has caused some confusion.  We wanted to try to provide some info on this to help clarify, especially for those that are not aware of the changes.
Naturediet have always had issues with the seals on their food.  They have been very tricky to open without using a knife and they ...have often been subject to blown seals, compromising the food inside.
They have now changed their sealing and cooking processes to try to make the seals easier to open/less likely to blow and also to ensure that the food retains as much nutritional value as possible.  They have not been particularly proactive in communicating these changes and, as a result, it has caused a lot of confusion.  We want to confirm that, as a result of the changed sealing and cooking process, the food now has a different consistency (it now has a more coarse,less smooth texture) and the seals on the packs have a rippled effect rather than being smooth as before.  Naturediet have assured us that the ingredients have not changed though.
Occasionally we are still experiencing a blown seal but it is very obvious when the seal has been compromised as it tends to be very loose on the surface or raised up like a balloon.  The food inside smells awful too.
If you experience any blown packs, as always, we would encourage you to return these for an exchange/refund.
We have also taken a photo of the new packaging/ food consistency for clarity.
We have noticed in the wider doggy community that some people have been unhappy with the change but most of our customers have let us know that their dogs still enjoy the food (some even more so now) and that their digestion has not been affected and, given that Naturediet have said the ingredients have not changed, we want to continue stocking for now as we don't feel there are any other wet foods that have the quality of the Naturediet ingredients for such a good price . If you have any issues please do feel free to let us know as we are monitoring the situation and your feedback is always welcome.