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  • Brrrrrr

    First full day of heating being on in the shop today! The cold weather has definitely arrived!  Loving this photo of Amber and Tilly keeping snug in their Buster Coats (thanks Pip!).


  • Tweed for Autumn

    Ruby is looking gorgeous and is all kitted out for the Autumn weather with her new Tweed Coat (thanks so much to Sarah for the pic)


  • Fangtastic!

    FANGTASTIC photo from Christina who said "Indie says thank you for the yummy bat! I'm going to go and kill it now..."  All our home baked lambs liver biccies have all been scoffed now by visiting doggies this weekend but we will try to have another baking session later this month


  • Pickle Pockets are popular!

    Thanks to Suzie for this message and photo: "Indy loving his Pickle Pocket...thank goodness both Alfie and Indy each have their own one more pickle wars!"  The Pickle Pockets continue to be a popular alternative to the Kong as a treat stuffing toy =)



  • Doggy Halloween Pics

    You guys shared some fantastic Halloween themed photos of your pups with us and we just had to pop them into a montage to make everyone else smile - thanks.  Thanks to everyone who popped in today - the halloween Lambs liver treats we baked went down well.  Hopefully we still have enough for all the pups visiting tomorrow.  if you are feeling inspired to bake your dog some biscuits yourself don't forget we still have more of the Staffordshire Rescue Scotland Cookbooks available (packed with great recipes from on of their volunteers Vicky) with all profits going back to support the great work the rescue does!


  • Halloween cookies

    Daisy and Sam have been on high alert tonight waiting for the Halloween Lambs Liver Biscuits to finish cooking!  They are all ready to be enjoyed by doggies visiting the store tomorrow (they will probably be broken down from their giant bat, cat and pumpkin shapes to make sure we have enough to go around).  Don't worry Daisy and Sam did get first taste test and they certainly got their seal of approval (but not ours as we now have a baked liver aroma circling the house - yum?!) .  Credit to the wonderful recipe resources from the Bishopton Dog Walking Services website (we used a tweaked version of their pigs liver treats) - check them out for inspiration if you haven't already.


  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween from Pepper (pic from Cath Ferry)   Has anyone else been getting their dogs into the Halloween spirit?  Don't forget to keep your dogs safe this Spooky Season.  Check out our recent "Top Tips for Fireworks Season" article on our Blog on our website, remember that trick or treaters can be scary for dogs nervous of strangers and keep the sweets out of reach!


  • Christmas crackers

    Our Christmas product deliveries are all in now!  We don't like to put our Christmas stock out too sharp and whilst we have had some enquiries from early birders we would love to get your thoughts on when you would like to see our full Christmas range - is start of Nov too soon or do you like to get your Christmas shopping done early?    In the meantime here is a little "sneak peak" of one of the Christmas lines which was delivered this week.  Christmas Lunch Crackers from Harry's Gourmet Treats - yummy!


  • Doggy Autumn Watch

    Sam found the gaggle of geese on Autumn watch riveting tonight  =)


  • Even more Lumitube pics

    Not only are the Lumitubes our best selling light up product for this Season but, as Iona illustrates, they also make a great Angels Halo and a handy fashion hair band   Thanks to Ellie for the photos which really made us smile!


    Remus sporting his Red Lumitube (love how it lights up his beard)  Thanks Benjamin for sharing


    From Lisa Dawson "I've had so many people stop me on Arthur's seat asking where I purchased the lumitube. Have been sending people your way. Here's Brando sporting his..."


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