Helping Edinburgh's Homeless Dogs

For Sept/Oct we have decided our donation of goodies will be used to provide care packages for some of the dogs that live with homeless owners in Edinburgh.  There are only 3 homeless shelters in Edinburgh that accept pets and they work with two vets from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies who very generously give up their own time to provide regular free clinics for the dogs visiting these shelters.  We are working with the Vets and the shelters directly to make sure that we split our donations between all 3 shelters to give maximum benefit to visiting dogs.
We appreciate there are differing views on whether or not homeless people should keep pets but many of these dogs have a hugely close relationship with their owners and often they take better care of their pets than they do themselves.  We hope people will recognise why we want to treat these dogs to something extra too =)
As always, alongside the goodies we donate directly, we welcome new or used items that you no longer require for your dog.  Feel free to drop these into the shop anytime over the next month.  Items which will be particular useful include food, treats, bedding, collars, leads etc.  If there is anything donated that may not be suitable for the street pets we will make sure we keep this by for our next local rescue donation.
Thanks as always for your support!