More Leanlix in Stock

The Leanlix continue to be popular so we have just had another delivery. These are a convenient, innovative, low calorie reward system. Unlike some other treat dispensing tubes Leanlix is a solid formula that won’t run onto your hands; it eliminates the need for a roller ball, which some vets think could be a choking hazard if the dog bites it and it pops out; and the lanyard (on the big sizes) allows you to keep it handy for a quick training reward. It may be more expensive than the average bag of treats but is will last much longer. Each large leanlix last approx. 10,000 lix. That's the equivalent of around 4,000 normal treats and all for about 200 calories. All the ingredients are human grade.
It is available in a standard size (around the size of a deodarant stock) for £12.95 and a Littlelix (around the size of a chapstick) for £4.50.   They are available in a variety of flavours in the shop and via our website now and we have just invested in a larger selection of the more popular Little Leanlix (all available individually or in a 3 or 6 pack to make a saving).
Our dogs both love the meaty flavoured ones. Daisy took to it straight away but we had to teach Sam that he didn't have to bite the whole stick but just lick the top of it. Now that he has the hang of it we use it to help us with grooming him (which he is not keen on) .