Be Kennel Cough Aware

We have had a number of customers visiting the shop in the last few days that have let us know that their dogs have been diagnosed with Kennel Cough by the Vets.  We thought it would be handy to provide some further information.
Common early symptoms include sneezing, coughing (often a hacking, dry cough sometimes frothy), nasal discharge and sometimes lethargy and los...s of appetitie can occur.  It is highly infectious.
If you are concerned at all or your dogs symptoms are severe or prolonged we would recommend consulting a vet (a persistent cough may not necessarily be as a result of kennel cough).
Medications can sometimes speed recovery/minimise symptoms during the course of infection but often dogs recover well without treatment. Common advice is to minimise excerise (this can aggravate the cough), consider giving soft food if throat is sore or if appetite is affected and make sure your dog is in a well ventilated space.