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  • Donation to Isla Dog Rescue & Many Tears Animal Rescue

    Our donation goodies for Islay Dog-Rescue will likely be collected next week so if you have anything to add to the pile please feel free to drop this in anytime.  In the meantime we have also been collating a care package for Many Tears Animal Rescue in Wales who we also think do wonderful work.  We have donated some items as per their "Wishlist" and we also included some donated items from customers (particularly some small dog coats and jumpers).  Here is a snapshot of the items that were sent to Many Tears today.  If you want to know more about their work check out their Facebook Page or website (their full wishlist is listed on their website).  Thanks to everyone for their fantastic help with the ongoing support we like to try give to doggy rescues across the UK.
  • German Shepherd Rescue Scotland Fun Dog Show

    German Shepherd Rescue Scotland have asked us to let you know about their annual Fun Dog Show.  This year it is on August 9th at Vogrie Country Park again. Free entry .Classes are £2.00 per class. Lots of great stalls. Pay on the day agility.


  • Doggy Paddling

    Millie is keeping cool with her paddling pool today (thanks Nikki for sharing)   We have the same pool for Daisy and Sam.  Daisy loves it if we throw her toys in but Sam is not convinced!


  • Hot Dogs!

    It has been a hot one today!  We are loving all the photos you have been sharing showing how you are keeping your dogs cool.  Jack and Freddie stay cool in the shade and keep hydrated via their portable, folding water bowls (available from the shop).  Thanks to Julia for sharing


  • More Leanlix in Stock

    The Leanlix continue to be popular so we have just had another delivery. These are a convenient, innovative, low calorie reward system. Unlike some other treat dispensing tubes Leanlix is a solid formula that won’t run onto your hands; it eliminates the need for a roller ball, which some vets think could be a choking hazard if the dog bites it and it pops out; and the lanyard (on the big sizes) allows you to keep it handy for a quick training reward. It may be more expensive than the average bag of treats but is will last much longer. Each large leanlix last approx. 10,000 lix. That's the equivalent of around 4,000 normal treats and all for about 200 calories. All the ingredients are human grade.
    It is available in a standard size (around the size of a deodarant stock) for £12.95 and a Littlelix (around the size of a chapstick) for £4.50.   They are available in a variety of flavours in the shop and via our website now and we have just invested in a larger selection of the more popular Little Leanlix (all available individually or in a 3 or 6 pack to make a saving).
    Our dogs both love the meaty flavoured ones. Daisy took to it straight away but we had to teach Sam that he didn't have to bite the whole stick but just lick the top of it. Now that he has the hang of it we use it to help us with grooming him (which he is not keen on) .
  • Post Prandial Napping!

    LOVE this photo of Cassi chillaxing after enjoying some gourmet sausages -  That is one happy girl x  Thanks for sharing Jan


  • Snuggle time

    Christina's Indie gives his new toy a cuddle whilst they have a snooze -  Adorable!


  • New Orbee Tuff Toys

    We have just had a big delivery of Planet Dog Toys.  The Orbee Tuff range
    is durable, bouncy, buoyant and mint-scented. They are extremely durable
    dog toys and, whilst we can never guarantee any toy as totally
    indestructible, their 5 out of 5 chompers ranges get fantastic reviews
    (some of our customers even think they are tougher than Kongs) .


    We have the new Diamond Plate Double Tuff treat toys.  We think these
    will prove a handy alternative to Kongs for those of you that like to
    use treat dispensing toys a lot.  With their slightly more flexible
    material dogs may enjoy a different challenge

  • Be Tick Aware

    Ticks are becoming more abundant across the UK and for longer periods so it is important to be tick aware and to check your dogs if they have been in undergrowth etc as ticks can carry dangerous diseases.  Normally they are not so common in urban areas but over the last few weeks we have had a number of customers that have let us know their dogs have picked up ticks whilst walking along the Water of Leith (thanks Alasdair with Tula, Sarah with Tansy and Janey with Tess).
    We are always well stocked with the best selling "tick twisters" which are the most effective tick removal tool on the market (for dogs and humans alike) and it is also worth checking if your pet is up to date with flea/tick treatments.  Whilst they are not fullproof they can be very useful as a preventative.
  • Acme Whistles

    We are fully stocked again with the World Renowned Acme Whistles
    (available online and instore).  Lots of bright colours so you are less
    likely to lose them if dropped in the grass.

    Sold in 210.5 and 211.5 pitches it means if you lose your whistle you
    can guarantee the same pitch again  ensuring you don't lose the momentum
    in your dogs response.

    Whistle training is particularly useful when working on longer range recall.  We recommend using super high value treats  when starting whistle training and making sure your dog gets a reward everytime the whistle is blown initially to maximise success.

    Check out the "Pamela Dennison Whistle Training" Video on Youtube for some more details, examples and top tips

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