Social media scare: Iced water for dogs

We have had a lot of people express concerns over the last couple of weeks to us about whether they are putting their dog at risk of life threating bloat from giving them ice cubes/ iced water or frozen Kongs as a result of a message circulating on social media. As the attached link explains: "whilst the warning message may well describe a real incident of bloat, the condition was almost certainly not the result of a few ice cubes in the dog's water. Other factors such as how quickly the dog actually drank the water are the more likely cause. The message notes that the dog was "low on water" before his owner added ice cubes and refilled his drinking bucket so it could well be that he had already gulped a good deal of water in a short period of time, a known risk factor for bloat."

We hope that this puts peoples minds at ease. I think the message would be to ensure your dog doesn't eat too many, too quickly (as would be the guide with any food or fluid). Also if your dog is suffering from heatstroke or has just finished strenous excerise very cold water/ice is not a good idea as it can shock the system - cooling gradually is important.