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  • Blue-green algae warning

    We have been made aware that with the warmer weather toxic blue-green algae has been making an appearance again in some still water ponds (we understand that some has been detected up at Harlaw in the Pentlands and that there has been some suspected in the smaller pond areas on Arthur Seat although no notices are up yet) .

    If ingested it can be highly toxic and can make your dog seriously ill (it can be fatal in some cases). Be alert and we would recommend erring on the side of caution if the water has any of the following:
    - green globs floating below the surface
    - surface scum, mats or film
    - looks like spilled paint

    Symptoms of blue-green algae poisining can include the following: weakness, unsteadiness, muscle cramps, twitching, and difficulty breathing within 15 to 20 minutes of an animal ingesting contaminated water. Severely affected animals can develop seizures, heart failure, paralysis, and die even with prompt and appropriate treatment.

    We absolutely don't want to scare people and it will only be small areas of water that are affected but we thought it better to make people aware to allow you to check the water your dog swims in before letting them go in for a cool down.

    (Poster image credited to Oregon Dept of Human Services)


  • New fish treats!

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for which fish treats we should add to our range. We now have Fish Skin Bones and White Fish, Salmon & Potato Fishcakes alongside our other natural, ethically sourced fish treats. All available to purchase in store and via our website Watch this space for some new 100% duck treats coming soon too....

    fish treats

  • Social media scare: Iced water for dogs

    We have had a lot of people express concerns over the last couple of weeks to us about whether they are putting their dog at risk of life threating bloat from giving them ice cubes/ iced water or frozen Kongs as a result of a message circulating on social media. As the attached link explains: "whilst the warning message may well describe a real incident of bloat, the condition was almost certainly not the result of a few ice cubes in the dog's water. Other factors such as how quickly the dog actually drank the water are the more likely cause. The message notes that the dog was "low on water" before his owner added ice cubes and refilled his drinking bucket so it could well be that he had already gulped a good deal of water in a short period of time, a known risk factor for bloat."

    We hope that this puts peoples minds at ease. I think the message would be to ensure your dog doesn't eat too many, too quickly (as would be the guide with any food or fluid). Also if your dog is suffering from heatstroke or has just finished strenous excerise very cold water/ice is not a good idea as it can shock the system - cooling gradually is important.

  • Aggression Seminar by Sarah Kalnajs and German Shepherd Rescue

    AGGRESSION SEMINAR - Being hosted by German Shepherd Rescue Scotland Fundraising on 6th July in Edinburgh. Sarah Kalnajs (Blue Dog Training and Behaviour) is an expert in her field. She is coming to talk about dog aggression. This should be a great day. if you are interested in reserving a space contact or go directly to the Rescues Page. Tickets are £75 per person.

    Aggression seminar

  • "Pupsicles" by Nikki and Millie

    One of our customers sent us these lovely pics of the 'pupsicles' she makes for her dog Millie. Nikki says, "When it is hot I make Millie lollies. She loves them! I use raw hide, pizzles etc for the sticks and the fillings vary. This batch is kibble, cottage cheese, scrambled egg, sardine, peanut butter and grated carrot! Definitely to be eaten outside because of the mess." What a fab idea! How do you help keep your dog cool in the warm weather?

    pupsicles pupsicles

  • The Tweed Box duvet

    Thanks to Laura for this photo of Buster on his new Tweed Box Duvet: "Buster loves his new bed-he's only looking a bit grumpy at the prospect of having to get out of it to go for a walk!" These beds are available in store and via our website and in two sizes. Buster is modelling the medium size but it also comes in large too.

    tweed box duvet

  • Keep your dogs COOL this summer!

    The sunshine has arrived! We thought that now that the warmer weather is here it might be useful to pop up our wee reminder about keeping our doggy friends cool and safe in this weather as they overheat a lot easier than us humans. We know a lot of it is common sense but it is always nice to keep it in our minds when we are sunning ourselves. Feel free to share!

    RSPCA Advice page

    keep cool

  • Get Stuffed! - Frozen Kong recipes

    What a great idea! We love this new Facebook Page set up by a fantastic trainer who will be doing regular posts providing inspiration for stuffing ideas for your dogs Kongs.


  • Trip to Tentsmuir Beach!

    We had a FANTASTIC walk at Tentsmuir Beach today (we have heard great things from various people including, Katharine's Pet Services and via the Dog Walk friends - Edinburgh Facebook Group). The weather was beautiful and despite the car park being packed it is such a beautiful, open expanse of beach that we felt like we had it all to ourselves. After some fun in the sun, sea and sand we were able to do the second part of the walk through the forest for some shade. Tenstmuir is just a few miles outside of Leauchars, Fife and you do need £2 for the car park but well worth the drive. As you can see Daisy and Sam were two very happy pups.

    sam daisy tentsmuir

  • New Pow! collars

    Thanks to Laura for sharing this photo of beautiful Maggie modelling her Pink Pow Collar. These collars are a new addition to our range and available in store and online.

    Maggie pow

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