Recommended Dog Behaviour & Training Books

We thought we would share with you some of our favourite/recommended doggy behaviour books - we have lots of others we love but didn't want to bombard you Have you read any of these and what did you think? Do you have any other books you would recommend to us and others? Happy reading!

Just in case the image is not clear enough the list includes:

  • Don't Shoot the Dog by Karen Prior
  • The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson
  • The Complete Idiots Guide to Positive Dog Training by Pamela Dennison
  • The Perfect Puppy by Gwen Bailey
  • On Taking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas
  • Control Unleashed by Leslie McDevitt
  • Dominance in Dogs: Fact or Fiction? by Barry Eaton
  • Bones would Rain from the Sky by Suzanne Clothier
  • Canine Body Language: A Photographic Guide by Brenda Aloff

If anyone wants to borrow our copy of any of the books before deciding if you want to buy it yourself let us know and we can make it available at the shop (if someone else is not already borrowing it as is the case with a few of these at the moment).

Recommended Dog Training and Behaviour Books Recommended Dog Training and Behaviour Books