Can you help with Edinburgh Uni research on Dg-Human Bond?

Linnea, who owns the beautiful rescue dog Fausto is doing research on the Dog-Human Bond at the University of Edinburgh. She needs as many dog owners and dog trainers/walkers as possible to fill it in.

The study aims to discover in what ways dogs can help humans, not onlyto better physical health, but also to better mental health and improved social interactions. Unlike most previous research, our aim is to consider the bond from both the human's and the dog's point of view, and to discover what factors contribute to a successful, or an unsuccessful, bond, and thereby decreasing the relinquishment of dogs to shelters.

All the details about the study can be found on the homepage, as well as the survey for dog trainers/dog walkers and dog owners.

I have completed the questionnaire - it takes about 10 - 15 mins and I am sure Linnea would be so grateful if any other doggy owners who read this would have the time to complete it too. If nothing else, completing the survey makes you think more personally about the bond you have with your own dog (and for me made me think about just how lucky I am to share my home with my pups).