Urgent Malamute Matters Appeal!

Malamute Matters have asked if we can share details of an urgent fundraising appeal they have detailed below:

Over the weekend 20 Alaskan Malamutes were dumped on two Rescues, Benvardin in Northern Ireland and AMCUK rescue. All dogs were abandoned by the same breeder in total we are lead to believe that these people had 30+ dogs all extremely under weight, riddled with fleas and covered in urine and faeces soaked / stained fur and they have now apparently fled the country and left these poor dogs in urgent need of care.

Thank goodness for the two rescues who have stepped in to help these babies but we desperately need your help as caring for these dogs doesn't come for free ...we need to raise much needed funds for the cost of boarding / feeding them, as well as the urgent vet care that a few of these dogs need ( one has a suspected broken jaw) ,flea & worm treatments, vaccinations, neutering/ spaying , grooming and I'm sure the list will grow once they have been properly assessed by the vets tomorrow... so we here at Malamute Matters as all our supporters to dig deep and spare what little change you can to help these dogs ...(some of them are only babies)
Donations can be sent via Paypal to malamutematters@Hotmail.co.uk please mark as Irish Dogs ( remember to send as family & friends so that 100% of your donation goes to thesedogs and not a % to paypal fees)
Below I've attached some pictures of the dogs who are with the Benvardin Kennels to give you a brief insight to the conditions of some of these dogs.
Please Note AMCUK Rescue are doing their own fundraising for the dogs currently in their care and as soon as I have the details will post them on this page also...
Please if you can donate.... every little helps xxx If you cant donate please cross post far and wide xx

Urgent Malamute Matters Appeal! Urgent Malamute Matters Appeal!