Dogs in need of space

Public doggy socialisation/interaction is something often being discussed in the shop and sometimes misunderstandings between owners has meant that there has been an unfortunate negative impact for one or more of the dogs involved.

We know many owners who have their dogs on lead for a reason - they sometimes have nervous/fearful dogs, they may have an injured dog or sometimes it is just that the owner simply wants to enjoy a quiet walk, bonding with their dog. We also have other owners who tell us that they are frustrated that their sociable dog has been subject to an aggressive outburst from another off lead dog.

Many dogs can become reactive, fearful, or aggressive after having an unwelcome interaction with an unfamiliar dog. We can be proactive and help to prevent some of those negative experiences by sharing the message that it is sensible to ask permission before we allow our dogs to approach any unfamiliar dogs and if you have a reactive dog or a dog with poor recall then please consider where you let them off lead, especially if there are other unfamiliar off lead dogs around.

Here's to enjoyable, stress free Spring time walks for all

(Poster courtesy of DINOS: Dogs in Need of Space)

Dogs in need of space Dogs in need of space