Why we love Kong?

At Just Dogs, Kong toys are the ones we recommend the most often. Widely recognised as the worlds best range of dog toys these are an extremely versatile toy, ideal for all ages and breed sizes.

Why We Love Kongs?

The Classic Kong is our best selling toy in the shop.  Stuffed KONG dog toys are widely used and recommended for therapy and prevention of boredom, separation anxiety and other behavior problems. Stuffed KONGs will keep your dog busy and content while home alone. Veterinarians, dog trainers and dog lovers worldwide have created the following KONG stuffing recipes.

Kong for beginners video We love this video as it provides some great, practical ideas for how and what to stuff a Classic Kong with.

We often stuff our dogs Kong with their own food.  This means they are not being over treated and they are getting plenty of mental stimulation when working for a meal.

They are a much safer option than many edible chews (they are a good option to leave your dog with if they are left unsupervised).

Kong stuffing recipe ideas -  If you stuff Kongs regularly then this list of recipe ideas for stuffing your Kong is fab