Local Doggy Walk Recommendations

We are often asked for our suggestions for walks in the local area.  Our fabulous Facebook Friends have come up trumphs and provided lots of suggestions.  We have pulled these together with some further details to make up a handy list of suggested walks for the Edinburgh and Lothian areas and we hope that you find these useful and that your favourite four legged friend loves the new places for a run!   This list is a work in progress (it is a time consuming job) so please bear with us whilst we build this up.  We would also recommend visiting the DugsnPubs website (they have a list of dog walks, doggy friendly accommodation and dog friendly pubs and shops) - a fantastic resource.

We want to keep this list as up to date, useful and as full as possible.  We always welcome suggestions and feedback.  Please feel free to post your comments/feedback and additions on our Facebook Page or drop us an e-mail at info@justdogsshop.co.uk.

A huge thanks to everyone who has helped us to date! If you would rather not have your name acknowledged please let us know and we will remove it straight away.  We just didn't want to let suggestions go uncredited! Thanks for all the fantastic photos too

Don't forget to also check out the fantastic DugsnPubs website which is full of fab suggestions for doggy friendly places in Edinburgh and beyond.

2099-main Maria, Mushi and Daisy at Yellowcraigs
2098-main Daisy on the Water of Leith



Description: How could we not mention Inverleith Park!  Local to our shop and a hub for the Stockbridge Doggy Community.  It is a large open space ideal for walking your dogs with plenty of bins too and good views.  Many people have commented it is a great place to socialise your dog as there are many other like minded doggy owners about.  Remember this is a public park where people often play sport etc too so be extra vigilant regarding cleaning up your dogs poop!  Also be aware that the fields are not fully enclosed so if your dogs recall is not 100% reliable be careful as the park is surrounded by busy roads.

Thanks for contributing : Annie Begg, Paige Borroughs, Connor Tingle, Dan Hunt

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Description: This council owned nature reserve isn't a place for a long afternoon walk but for an hour or so off lead time for your dog it is very handy and a popular doggy walking suggestion from our customers.  The walk takes in the ruins of Cammo House, the overgrown walled garden and Cammo Tower.  The Edinburgh Spotlit  provides a useful map of the walk, lots of pics and handy information.  Many people combine the Cammo Estate walk with a trip to Crammond Beach.

Map Link

Thanks for contributing : Cliff Hall, Lynette Low, Debbie MacAuley

CRAMMOND BEACH (Including Gypsy Brae and Silverknows)

Description:  A very popular spot with many of our customers.  A wide, open beach which stretches for a few miles (watch our for high tide).  If you time it right you can also make your way out to Cramond Island but don't forget to be mindful of the tide timings so you don't get stuck!! At the Silverknowes end there are good green spaces too.

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Thanks for contributing : Debbie MacAuley, Caroline Parker, Annie Begg


2104-main  2111-main 2112-main

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Description: Patricia says " Hermitage of Braid and Blackford Hill is a favourite of FrankieTempleton and Tiber Begg- it has everything - fields, hills, river and los of trees to jump over. Park at the Midmar entrance, cross the fields and take the path down to the river -about half way down, take the left path that takes you upto Blackford Hill -walk up to the top and enjoy the breezy view! Re-trace your path down via the very steep steps and walk down and along the river to the old house (the Ranger Centre). Walk back up and along the tree line - there are some great fallen trees to jump over and practice agility... and then that brings you out on the big field again. Takes about an hour and the dogs are exhausted at the end ofit - bliss!"

Link to Map

Thanks for contributing : Annie Begg, Patricia Templeton, Amy Turner.

: Lochend Park lies immediately north of Meadowbank Stadium,about two miles to the NE of the centre of Edinburgh.  In the centre is a pond/loch but do keep the dogs out if possible as there are Coi Carp and other wildlife which swimming dogs may disrupt.  The pond also has an awful lot of roots and weeds which could make it hazardous for a swimming dog.  The park is generally quiet, peaceful, suprisingly large and oft overlooked.

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Thanks for contributing : Kirsty Worthington

Description: Just 3 mouth South East of the City Centre a number of people have recommended this as a relatively peaceful, off road walk with fantastic views and at the foot of this imposing ruined Castle which is often regarded as one of the most underrated tourist attractions in Edinburgh.

Map and Further Info

Thanks for contributing : Amy Turner


Description: A mile or so of sandy beach located around 3 miles East of the City Centre.  It can be very busy at weekends but usually plenty space through the week.  There is also a traditional style promenade which has a nice feel to it.  This is a busy spot for dog owners and children so don't forget to  pick up after your dog.

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Thanks for contributing to: Lynette Low, Inbal Livne

Patricia says "The Innocent Railway is a nice short quiet walk- and good if you are worried about your dog off lead or trying to get him to walk to heel off lead, as there is little room for escape!" The Innocent Railway tunnel, built in the 1830s to connect Dalkeith in the south with Edinburgh on a main railway line that has since been decommissioned.  Located at the foot of Holyrood Park the tunnel is 515 metres long and is well lit the whole way through.

Link for further info and Map

Thanks for contributing : Patricia Templeton


2135-main 2103-main 2136-main
Description:  Bianca says "Gabi & Mupps favourite, even wee stream for water! Beware of bog - dogs love it ;)"   Another popular spot for our doggy customers. This is the main peak of hills forming Holyrood Park.  Wide open spaces, mixed terrain, good circular walks and fantastic views right in the Centre of Edinburgh.  Remember it can get a bit chilly as it can be quite exposed in certain sections.  Bianca's tip about the bogs is a good one otherwise you could be taken by surprise and end up with one very smelly dog!

Map Link

Thanks for contributing : Bianca Thompson, Annie Begg


Description: Inbal says "Craiglockhart. We walk through Harrison gardens park, along the canal, round the woods and back again. Takes about 2 hours, gives us and the dog a workout up the hill and there are loads interesting things for the dog to clamber about on/sniff."   Sarah says "I also recommend Craiglockhart. It's great to let the dog off the lead for a good explore. Harrison Gardens is great for after work play time. Always lots of other doggy owners there and my dog loves socialising and playing."

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Thanks for contributing : Inbal Livne, Sarah Hutchison

Another favourite with our customers as a City Centre green space.  Annie says "the old railway from the bottom of easter road (just between Thorntreeside and the back entrance to Leith Academy) follow that round until you get to Leith Links then have a play in Leith Links"

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Thanks for contributing : Annie Begg


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Description:   Patricia says "Corstorphine Hill is fab - you have wide open fields on the Clermiston Rd side; lots of woodland runs round the Ravelston side and up to the Tower, and fantastic views across Edinburgh, seeing the animals in the Zoo and a great run along the edge of the Zoo fence and over to the Rest and Be Thankful at Murrayfield (which is rabbit heaven). There are lots of quiet nooks and crannies for training too"

Map Link

Thanks for contributing: Patricia Templeton, Rannoch Foster

2153-mainDescription:  This is a favourite of Daisy and Sam, our dogs.  The walkway starts at the Leith shore and goes all the way out to Balerno (Just over 12 miles in all!).  We tend to get on the walkway just outside the shop and have created a couple of circular loops and one of them comes up and over at Roseburn.  We don't tend to walk the dogs off lead too much on the busier parts of the walk and you need to be aware of sharp drops to the water and cyclists travelling at high speeds but it is a lovely walk which takes in the Dean Village, passes the Gallery of Modern Art and further on Colinton Dell.  Be aware that there are currently various engineering works going on on the route from Stockbridge towards Leith limiting access.

Information and Map Link

Thanks for contributing:   Rannoch Foster , Dan Hunt, Patricia Templeton



Description: Rannoch says "Another good one for a shorter walk is Ravelston Park and Ravelston Woodland - you get a combination of the open park (floodlights at night) plus the tracks up through the woods. Watch out for steep drops at the quarry edge."

Map Link

Thanks for contributing:  Rannoch Foster



Description: Debbie says "The walk from Dalmeny to Craigie Farm, and there are a couple of options, either walking along the farm track or heading into Craigie Woods and walking through a really peaceful wooded area before arriving at Craigie Farm, where dogs are welcome in a specially built outdoor doggy cafe :) "

Map Link

Thanks for contributing: Debbie MacAuley



Description: Debbie says "It's a really nice area, with woods, open fields and plenty space to run off lead.  It's far enough away from busy roads to feel safe, and is lovely and peaceful."

Map Link

Thanks for contributing : Debbie MacAuley


(Big thanks to Dan Hunt for tracking these walks and sending them in)

WALK 1 - Yesterday's walk and one of my favourites; out along the Forth shore, past Newhaven and then along the parks to Cramond (and maybe a pint the Cramond Inn). There's lots of chance for off-lead running around on the parkland just before Cramond itself (or on the beach, if the tide's out) and there's always lots of other dogs to play with. Great stuff! (dan hunt)

WALK 2 - up from the Shore, along the Water of Leith, to Roseburn. This takes in a trip to Inverleith Park and, of course, a stop at Just Dogs. You can even see the wee jink where we went to sample some of Sprio's ridiculously good tattie scones with cream cheese! The section between Dean Village and Roseburn is an especially nice bit of the Water.


  Alan says "Vogrie Country Park between Gorebridge and Pathhead is fantastic. Fields, woods, and a beautiful valley. N.B. You need a pound to access the car park." Many people class Vogrie Park as one of Mid Lothians hidden gems.

Map Link

Thanks for contributing : Alan Templeton, Annie Begg

Description: This is an oft walked area with some of our customers but we would remind people that some of the steep cliff sides around the area mean that some parts would be safer for on lead walking.  The paths can sometimes be muddy and slippy so take care in the winter months/during periods of bad weather.  There are some lovely circulars walks taking in the famous, historic Roslin Chapel.  There is a mixture of riverside walks, woodland areas and gorges.  There is ample car parking and poo bin facilities at the car park entrance.

Map Link

Patricia says "The Penicuik Estate is a favourite - you can either have a short play in the fields to the right, or walk down past the House (there are sheep though) and pick up the river - its a lovely long walk, if not a bit muddy!"

Map Link

Thanks for contributing : Patricia Templeton


2114-main  2116-main2115-main

Description:   Alison says "I am a big fan of the Pentlands, starting anywhere; Dreghorn, Flotterstone (dog friendly pub), Bonaly .... it's all fab."   Where to start with the Pentlands.....  There are so many walks and routes to choose from.  The Flotterstone entrance is a popular one.  The Flotterstone Inn is doggy friendly and they have a Beer Garden which is nice to sit in with the dogs in the warmer months.  Be aware that there are often sheep on the routes and on lead walking may be required in a number of areas.  Other popular starting points are Bonaly, Hillend and Harlaw (by Balerno).  The Harlaw and Threipmuir Reservoir walks are good ones.

Map Link

Thanks for contributing:  Laura Hooker, Alison Wyllie, Joanne Drysdale



Description: The Newhailes Estate is doggy friendly.  The estate has a wall round it making it a safe environment to take dogs and let them off lead.  It has two large fields, woodland areas and a burn for water loving doggies! There are a number of waymarked paths and trials.  Newhailes House itself is very beautiful too.

Public Transport: YES.  A number of buses stop beside the walk.

Map Link

Thanks for contributing :  Liz McMahon who also suggests stopping off at Joppa to let the dogs have a dip in the sea after the Newhailes walk.


2132-main 2133-main
Description: The Pencaitland Railway Walk is a level path that runs for eleven kilometres from near West Saltoun to Crossgatehall, near Carberry. We have been advised that there is a distinct lack of poo bins on this walk so be prepared to have to carry them back to the car.  A number of paths have been developed in this area, following old rights of way and plantation walks through Winton Estate. The Pencaitland Railway Walk links the two villages of Pencaitland and Orimiston and there are a number of circular routes that can be walked in the surrounding countryside. There are also a great number of informal paths around each village. Some of the less formal paths may be muddy after wet weather.

There is a handy map available from the East Lothian Council website.

Thanks for contributing : Liz McMahon and Carole Leighton



Description: Carly says "BEAUTIFUL!!!  Walk through salt marsh and over sand dunes towards the beach then through forest, stunning."  Sretches from the ruins of Dunbar Castle to the Peffer Burn some 4 miles to the north west. The park includes the wide sandy Belhaven Bay, the estuary of the river Tyne, large areas of saltmarsh and scrub, and the rocky headland known as St. Baldred's Castle.

Map Link

Thanks for contributing: Carly Jane


Yellowcraig is situated 3km west of North Berwick near the village of Dirleton. There is a large car park a short distance from the beach. The car park  can get quite busy on sunny weekends but there is plenty space once out on the beach. There are public toilets (although they are not open all year round) and there are plenty of poo bins at the car park. Beside the beach there is also a nice, small woodland walk.

Map Link

Thanks for contributing : Amy Turner, Annie Begg


Description: Another popular out of town beach walk.  Award Winning, beautifully clean beach within walking distance of Gullane Village.  There is also ample parking right by the beach (although it can get busy at weekends).

Map Link

Thanks for contributing : Lynette Low, Inbal Livne, Annie Begg



Description: This very quiet, unspoilt beach backing onto the Tyninhame Estate is a favourite of some of our customers.  We also LOVE this beach.  Can be accessed from the A198 road between North Berwick and Dunbar.  If you are heading towards Tyninghame Village from North Berwick there is a road on the left just before the Village (Limetree Walk) which takes you to some parking spaces beside an old farm house).  Park here and then a further 15 min walk through the woods to the beautiful beach.

Map Link

Thanks for contributing : Lynette Low, Sarah Hutchison

   Karen says "Down by the lagoons at Musselburgh too if yourdogs like swimming! Big playing fields round about there, you can walk along by the sea wall and get very muddy and then wash at the boating pond before going home."   This walk is about 2 and a half miles long

Thanks for contributing:  Karen Brown

  Vicky says "Butterdean Woods is great for a long walk just outside Edinburgh. Just off the A1 past Tranent, come off at the Macmerry junction and then left at the first roundabout - sign posted from there. Huge woods with streams, undergrowth, logs, ferns and squirrels that can keep you walking from half an hour to two if you're feeling energetic. It's Spaniel heaven! All the trails are marked with colour posts for those who like a bit of direction"

Map Link

Thanks for contributing : Vicky Evans


This is a favourite with many of our customers and one that we have oft frequented with Daisy and Sam as we used to live near the Park.  It is a great large Country Park with plenty of different terrains and pathways (some more rugged than others).  There is a lovely river walk, lots of woodland areas and some open parks and spaces.  There are lots of picnic sites and even an area for setting up BBQs.  There is a small visitors Centre and plenty poo bins in some of the main areas.  There are a couple of different car parks.  There are lots of opportunities for a swim for the water loving doggies. Eva Lily Creations sensibly points out that horses frequently pass through the park so to be aware if you have your dog off lead.

Further Info and Map Link

Thanks for contributing to: Eva Lily Creations, Mark Douglas, Dani Dinwoodie, Lynette Low

Description: If you are easily spooked this may not be the best walk for you to take your dog on!  This is a 960 acre estate for the derelict Bangour Hospital and it is situated around 3 miles away from Livingston and on the road to Bathgate.  There is approx 4 miles of roads around the grounds and you usually only met other dog walkers.  There is also a large open grassland in front of the old disused pavillion.  The only traffic on the road is the occassional security van (so do be aware of this if you are walking your dog off lead).  There is limited parking at the entrance to the grounds but it is usually quiet enough to get a space.

Further Info and Map Link

Further afield

  Debbie says "My best longwalk is quite a bit out of Edinburgh, but well worth the  drive - Blairadam forest in Fife. The dogs LOVE it! :)"

Map Link

Thanks for contributing : Debbie MacAuley