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  • Why we love Kong?

    At Just Dogs, Kong toys are the ones we recommend the most often. Widely recognised as the worlds best range of dog toys these are an extremely versatile toy, ideal for all ages and breed sizes.

    Why We Love Kongs? Continue reading

  • Local resources/recommendations

    We have tried to be as helpful and honest as possible with these Recommendations and will update them as regularly as possible.  If you have any further suggestions or feedback regarding those featured we would love to hear from you! Continue reading

  • Local Doggy Walk Recommendations

    We are often asked for our suggestions for walks in the local area.  Our fabulous Facebook Friends have come up trumphs and provided lots of suggestions.  We have pulled these together with some further details to make up a handy list of suggested walks for the Edinburgh and Lothian areas and we hope that you find these useful and that your favourite four legged friend loves the new places for a run!   This list is a work in progress (it is a time consuming job) so please bear with us whilst we build this up.  We would also recommend visiting the DugsnPubs website (they have a list of dog walks, doggy friendly accommodation and dog friendly pubs and shops) - a fantastic resource. Continue reading

  • Dog Collars - choosing the right one

    We are frequently asked by customers about what the best type of dog collar is to get their dog so we thought we would provide a guide on what dog collars are available and how they compare. To see our range check out the dog collars section of our website and for an ever greater selection don't forget to pop into our shop. Continue reading

  • What do I need for the arrival of my new pup?

    We often get customers visiting the shop in advance of the arrival of their new puppy.  Some come with a shopping list and others need a bit more help.  We generally say - don't go daft! We appreciate it is an exciting time but there is no need to get too much to start with.  We have compiled what we hope will be a handy check list of essentials, good to haves and optionals. Continue reading


    We are often asked this in the shop.  We do also get owners who scoff when they see other dogs trying on coats and the standard exclamation is 'A dog has its own coat why does it need another one?'.  Our answer is that they don't always but because of the wide variety of breeds of dogs some have coats better suited to colder weather than others. Continue reading

  • Car Sickness


    Max for car sickness article At Just Dogs we are often asked for help with dogs that do not travel well.  It is important to understand whether this  is being created by general car sickness (i.e. motion sickness) or by the stress of travelling. Continue reading

  • Raw Feeding FAQs

    Just Dogs are delighted to be stocking BARF food as part of our range.  We have started off with introducing the more competitively priced PrizeChoice and Natures Menu ranges but watch this space as in the next month or so we will also be adding the Natural Instinct Range to our available selection. Continue reading

  • Food Intolerances/Allergies

    Allergies and Intolerances can manifest themselves in dogs of any age. Some may have them as a puppy and grow out of them, others may need the allergies/intolerances managed for the rest of their lives. Others can develop an allergy/intolerance in later life. Continue reading

  • "I won't eat it!" Reluctant/Fussy Eaters

    Before we discuss how to manage Fussy Eaters we feel it is important to stress that if you are seriously concerned about your dog's lack of appetite then we would always recommend seeking veterinary advice before attempting the techniques we describe below. Continue reading

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