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Xtra Dog fleece lined walking harness - berry

Fleece-lined walking harness for maximum comfort and helps to stop dogs from pulling with additional front rings as standard

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Price From: £18.80

Xtra Dog fleece lined walking harness - berry

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These fleece harnesses designed and made by Xtra Dog have an O-ring at the top plus one at the front so that they can be used with a double-ended lead, making it easy to stop your dog from pulling.  A harness takes pressure off the dog’s neck and the connection of the lead is closer to the dog’s natural centre of gravity than it is when attached at the collar. Many trainers and competitors, as well as pet owners, use and recommend harnesses for dogs. They offer the following benefits:

 • 10 sizes to fit most sizes and shapes of dog

• Front rings are ideally positioned to re-balance pulling dogs  

• Carefully researched measurements for better clearance of the dog’s front legs  

• O-rings rather than D-rings - less wear on the webbing  

• Fleece prevents chafing around the dog's legs and chest

• Machine washable at low temperatures - do not tumble dry

• Recommended by trainers, behaviourists, Tellington TTouch practitioners, vets

• Handmade in the UK

These harnesses are best fitted in store where we can help you find the perfect fit for your dog. For ordering online please measure your dog carefully to ensure you select the appropriate size, and use both the measurement diagram and this video as an aid. As a very rough guide,

  • the tiny/petite size harness is designed to fit teacup dogs and very small tiny puppies
  • the XX Small harness is designed to fit toy and very small dog breeds including tiny puppies
  • the X-Small harness is designed to fit a very small dog like a Yorkshire Terrier or similar sized dog.
  • the small harness is designed to fit a small to medium terrier-sized dogs or comparable sized dogs
  • the small-medium harness is designed to fit a mid-sized dog such as a Cocker Spaniel or a dog comparable in size
  • the medium harness is designed to fit medium sized dogs including; Husky bitches, smaller Dalmatians, Border Collies, Springer Spaniels, Staffordshire Bull Terrier bitches
  • the medium large harness is designed to fit the smaller of the large dog breeds. This includes; Labradors, German Shepherds, Belgian Shepherds, large huskies and similar sized dogs
  • the large harness is designed to fit large sized dogs including; larger Labradors, Standard Poodles, large Flat Coated and Golden Retrievers, Setters, large German Shepherds etc
  • the XL harness is designed to fit very large dogs such as a malamute, Rottweiler or similar sized dogs
  • the XXL harness is designed to fit giant breed dogs like wolfhounds, Bernese Mountain Dogs etc

For more help selecting the correct size there is further information available here (though please note this document also contains sizing information about harness products we don't stock).

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