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Traditional Basket Muzzle

A traditional  lightweight, basket muzzle

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Price From: £7.20

Traditional Basket Muzzle

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This traditional plastic basket style muzzle is both practical and comfortable, allowing dogs to pant, drink, take treats, vocalise and play, whilst providing a physical barrier to biting/nipping when fitted properly.

The Muzzle has an adustable strap for behind the ears to ensure a secure fit and it has a padded piece for extra comfort over the snout..

The muzzle comes in 9 sizes to fit most dogs, and  the bigger sizes have an additional removable snout piece to help accommodate shorter and longer snouts appropriately.  If you have a dog with a very wide snout then the Baskerville ultra muzzle may be a better option as it has a wider snout style than this style of muzzle.

If your dog is not used to wearing a muzzle it is a good idea to desensitise your dog to wearing one so that they do not feel frightened or uncomfortable. We recommend creating a positive association with the muzzle by pairing it with yummy treats, fun games or something your dog really likes. Gradually build up the time your dog is wearing the muzzle for, starting with only a few seconds at first, so that your dog slowly gets used to the sensation of having it on.

This video demonstrates nicely how you can teach your dog to accept (and enjoy!) wearing a muzzle

Please note that dogs with a high prey drive or those with a history of reactivity/aggression towards other dogs or people may still be able to inflict injuries and cause significant distress whilst wearing these muzzles if they are off lead and outwith your close control. Therefore we would recommend taking other safety precautions (e.g. keeping your dog on lead) under those circumstances.

Muzzles are a frequently discussed product in our shop so we thought it would be useful to provide a handy article that will hopefully dispel some of the myths and stigmas attached to muzzles and explain why they are often actually the sign of someone being a responsible dog owner and minimising the risk to their own dog and others.

The muzzle comes in 9 sizes to fit most dogs. We recommend bringing your dog into the shop where possible and we can help you select the appropriate size. There is a  rough guide to approximate sizes which will suit different adult dog breeds in one of the images below and please do feel free to call, e-mail or pop into the shop if you need more guidance.

Please note these muzzles are currently changing from being made in beige (as pictured) to black and our stock reflects this in that we have a mixture of the 2 colours depending on size - we cannot guarantee which colour you will receive but please let us know if you have a strong preference for either beige or black and we will try our very best to accomodate this where possible.

Brand Ancol

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