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Super Snake toy

long, tougher plush toy

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Super Snake toy

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The Super Snake is a plush toy that is over one metre long & has 6 squeakers! It's great for playing tug with your dog & a bit tougher than some other plush toys on the market. Please note it is not indestructible though & it's always best to supervise play.

At Just Dogs we always like to remind people to make the right choice with the type of toy you select for your dog. Every dog is different with how they play. Some dogs like to "kill" their toys and are determined to chew and destroy them. If your dog is like this then a plush, soft toy is perhaps not the choice for your dog. If your dog is gentler in their play then a soft toy is likely to be a safe choice. Some dogs like to "baby" their toys and use them like a comforter and for dogs like this a plush toy is a great choice. Plush toys are not a tough toy and unsupervised play is not recommended.


Brand Ancol
  1. Longlasting and worth it! Review by Nicole

    My two Setters usually don't mess around when it comes to plush toys and more often than not the toys end up being "disemboweled" within minutes and then the leftovers lie around for a few days before I put them in the bin. I got two of these snakes in August as they were on sale and I thought they looked relatively tough and I had also read good reviews about them elsewhere on the internet so I thought I'd give them a go. And I was not disappointed; in fact, these have been the longest-lasting plush toys in our household. They are both still intact after three months even though they get dragged around the house and garden, are used for tug of war and general chewing on a regular basis. They even came along on holidays! What's more, they wash well in the washing machine so no need to worry if they are dragged through the mud in the garden. Definitely a big thumbs up from me for this snake toy! (Posted on 10/11/2015)

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