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Plain Rawhide Rolls (buy 9 get 10th FREE)

These natural, non bleached, completely digestable range of hide chews offer great value for money combined with a quality product.

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Price From: £1.05

small plain rawhide roll

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We have lots of different shapes and sizes of rawhide from the Lennox range available. Always make sure you choose a size appropriate to your dog size (if it is too small you increase the risk of your dog choking but if it is too big then you risk over treating your dog). Because these hides are shaped by hand please be aware that there will be variations even amongst the same size category. The size guides give an approximate idea of what to expect when placing your order.


The Plain Rawhide Roll is available in 2 different sizes. Please select the desired size from the drop-down menu above. The Plain Rawhide Roll is also available to purchase individually or make a saving and buy 9 to get the 10th free.

  • 5 inch Plain Rawhide Roll is probably best suited to small to medium breeds
  • 10 inch Plain Rawhide Roll is probably best suited to medium to large breeds

Just Dogs has searched to find top quality rawhide chews to offer our customers. After researching and testing (our dogs Daisy and Sam loved this part!), we are now supplying the Lennox Rawhide Dog Chews range. This is a natural, non bleached, completely digestable range of hide chews that we think offers great value for money combined with a quality product. All hides are inspected and veterinary approved and unlike much hide that is available, they are not processed with chemicals. The Hide is produced in Argentina unlike much of the cheaper alternative from China which often contain harmful substances. Please be aware that some of the labels may say the rawhide is from Antos. This is because we often order the Lennox Hide from Antos and they have their own labels produced.


Natural Rawhide acts as a clean, pure, appetising, completely digestible "toothbrush" for dogs. Regular use of rawhide can help to ensure clean, healthy teeth and fresh breath. Rawhide is dried hypodermic intestinal tissue from cattle. The tissue is tough and solid and the chewing action on the hide is an effective method of keeping your dogs teeth free of tartar and dental plaque. Unlike some other rawhide the Lennox range is ethically and safely produced and there are no harmful substances used.


If you would like more information on the Lennox Rawhide range please visit their website.

N.B. We always recommend that rawhide is used as part of a dental care regime and we would recommend that you brush your dogs teeth regularly to ensure the healthiest teeth and gums possible. We would also recommend that you supervise your dog whilst eating chews and that rawhide is not given to very young puppies. Rawhide dog chews are fully digestible. If your dog has a gastrointestinal sensitivity you should obtain veterinarian approval first. You should also only offer your dog the proper size treat so as to avoid greater risk of choking or injurious swallowing.

In the shop there is much discussion regarding what is appropriate and safe to give your dog as a chew.  We don’t believe that there is a black and white answer to this one but thought it would be handy to provide a guide to some of the most discussed items we provide in the shop and their pros and cons to allow our customers to make a balanced and informed choice about what they give to their dogs.

With regards rawhide chews...

Rawhide chews are a long standing, traditional chew that is often given to dogs to keep them occupied. The main range of rawhide we stock in the shop is untreated, natural beef hide from Argentina.

To Chews: Rawhide is often a very popular chew.  It is low in fat and relatively long lasting and most dogs enjoy it.  It is also often reported as being good for dental health.  Because these often come with a flavoured coating and come in a variety of shapes and sizes this can make them a more interesting chew toy for some dogs.

Not to Chews: Every dog is different with which type of chew works best for them.  If your dog has a sensitivity (to beef for example) then these may not be the chews for them.  We would ALWAYS recommend supervising your dog if you choose to give them hide chews.  If they are a greedy eater/ gulper there is a risk that they will break off a large piece and if they try to swallow it whole there could be a choking or obstruction hazard.  We do give our own dogs hide but we always make sure we supervise them closely whilst they eat it.  Whilst some vets recommend hide over the likes of the harder bones/stagbars as they are softer some dental vets also still argue that even hide can present a smaller risk of chipping/cracking a tooth and this is something to also be aware of.

We would also recommend selecting high quality, untreated hide.  Some hide chews (particularly those sourced from China) can be treated with chemicals and are of poorer quality than the truly natural, untreated versions.

For more information about choosing suitable things for your dog to chew on please see our article, To Chews or Not to Chews - Just Dogs guide to the pros & cons of chew treats & toys 

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