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Plain Leather Dog Collars - Red

Traditional bridle style supple leather dog collars at great prices!

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Price From: £2.99

Plain Leather Dog Collars - Red

Quality Pet leather dog collars are made from a traditional bridle style English leather which has been tanned to give a luxurious rich and waxy feel, whilst still maintaining a soft supple texture.

Quality Pet dog collars are further enhanced with high quality chrome metalware and perimeter stitching detail.

Traditional bridle style leather dog collars at great prices!

If the collar gets muddy or wet just rinse of the mud with water and wipe clean with a soft cloth! Let the collar dry naturally but keep away from direct heat as this can cause leather to warp. All leather collars benefit from a bit of TLC (just like horse tack) and to get the best from your collar use saddle soap and neatsfoot oil (or other tack/leather conditioner) to keep in tip top condition! If your dog is a regularl swimmer in the sea do be aware that the salt water can cause the leather to perish more quickly than it would otherwise and if you have a water baby a different collar may be a more durable option.

Because the red and pink collars are vegetable dyed through unlike the brown and black which are natural colours, we would recommend that these colours are not used for dogs which like to regularly go in water as they will not stand up to this as well as the naturally coloured leathers and the dye may run.

The Red Dog Collars from this range are available in 6 different sizes. Please be aware that the sizes described on the label by the manufacturer do not actually reflect the actual measurements so I have put the actual hole measurements in italics next to the manufacturers size. Please allow space for your dog to breathe comfortably when measuring!

  • 10 - 12" (1/2" wide) - actual holes measure from 9.5" - 11.5"
  • 12 - 14" (1/2" wide) - actual holes measure from 11.5" - 13.5"
  • 14 - 16" (3/4" wide) - actual holes measure from 13.5" - 15.5"
  • 16 - 18" (3/4" wide) - actual holes measure from 15.5" - 17.5"
  • 18 - 21" ( 1" wide) -  actual holes measure from 17.5" - 20.5"
  • 21 - 24" (1" wide) - actual holes measure from 20.5" - 23.5"
Brand BBD Pet

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