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Natural Chicken Feet (save 25% when buying in bulk)

Okay so they don't look very appetising but these make a great, natural, crunchy snack for your dog.

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Price From: £0.45

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These are a great, unique dehydrated natural hypo-allergenic , protein rich dog treat. All natural, these chicken feet contain no preservatives, yeast, soy, chemicals, salt, sugar, or grains. No grains or additives to irritate your pet's skin or upset the system.These are crispy pieces and are perfect for anytime snacks for the special canine in your life.

These treats have a great initial crunch and then have a long lasting chewiness. They are also a good source of natural glucosomaine and chondrointin which is supposed to be good for joint pain (Any body parts that are bendy and have joints contain glucosamine).

The feet are available individually, in a bag of 10 or a bag of approx 50 feet - the more you buy the more you save. These feet are picked loose and they will vary in shape and size.

They may not look so nice but at least we are using all the parts of the chicken in a constructive way!

Chicken feet is mostly cartilage and soft bone so it's great for dogs who can't chew harder bones. Chicken feet aren't hard enough to scrape off already-hardened tartar on the teeth but work very well as a natural toothbrush for daily maintenance of teeth and breath. Their odd shape makes it a little more difficult for dogs to gulp too fast and they are becoming a more popular addition to some peoples choice when feeding BARF as a bit of variety! They are slightly oily like dried pigs ears.

If you want an idea of perspective in terms of the size of these chews type "dog eating chicken feet" into YouTube and you will find lots of vids of dogs eating them (although often the raw variety).


Brand Antos

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