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Little Arctic Fish Training Treats

These Little Arctic Fish treats are ideal for repeat reward training and very natural. They don't crumble or smell in your pocket and they are high value and small enough to use frequently without having to adjust your dogs food intake drastically.

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Little Arctic Fish Training Treats

These Little Arctic Treats© have been designed especially for repeat reward training, such as clicker training. As they are small and low fat they can be given repeatedly during a training session without worrying about adjusting your dogs food intake. Although small, Little Arctic Fish Treats© are very high in taste and will leave your dog wanting more! This is why they are so perfect for training for all breeds and sizes of dog. Don't just treat during training, these treats are also great as anytime rewards for your dog.

Warm the treat in your hand to release the characteristic aroma of liver, break a few over your dog’s nose, enjoy their undivided attention. They don't smell too strong in your hand and there is no residue so they won't crumble in your hand, pocket or treat bag. These treats are all compressed rather than just baked, set or extruded and this means they will retain their flavours and all the goodness in the nutrients for much longer. Being compressed also allows them to pack many more nutrients in the treats for their size compared to all other treat types

Little Arctic Treats© are made with powdered Norwegian Blue Whiting, which is responsibly fished from certified sustainable stocks. and other natural ingredients. These treats are high in protein, containing all 10 essential amino acids that dogs need to maintain health, and are very low in saturated fat. They are rich in B Complex vitamins which are good for allergies, infections and even stress. It also helps maintain energy levels, and is essential for healthy muscle, bone and nerve growth. Vitamin B Complex will also bolster the immune system.

These treats are also mineral rich, containing calcium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, magnesium, iron and zinc, all of which are essential for healthy growth. These are a super healthy and nutritious treat that your dog will love !

They are available in a small, handy air tight refillable tub which is ideal for topping up. We also have a large, resealable pouch which will keep your dog with treat supplies for many training sessions. They have a long shelf life unlike some other very high value training treats.

They are available in small treats and medium treats. Both options are small but the medium ones may be preferred for bigger dogs or if you want to give a bigger bite in your session.

We choose to use the small sized treats with out Spaniels and they LOVE them. We love them too as they are so easy to keep in pocket and we can even snap them in half if we really want to spin then out. We have included pictures below to illustrate shape and sizes. They are also available in Liver and Fruit & Veg varieties if you want to change about flavours to keep your dogs interest or if your dog has intolerances.

The size options are as below (please choose your desired size and quantities from the options on the right hand side of the page):

  • Small Treats Pot (contains 250 treats)
  • Small Treats Resealable Pouch (contains 925 treats)

composition: arctic fish powder, brewers yeast, minerals, vegetable cellulose

Brand Barker & Barker

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