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Hollings Filled Hoof (buy 9 get 10th FREE)

Hollings Filled Hooves are a natural, quality treat for dogs.

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Hollings Filled Hoof (buy 9 get 10th FREE)

Ideal to help appease periods of boredom, Hollings Filled Hoof are quality air dried treats that your dog is sure to enjoy. Regular chewing is encouraged which can help to remove plaque or tartar build up from your dog's teeth. In addition, Hollings Filled Hoof are salmonella and bacteria tested. Hollings Filled Hoof are an ideal way to reward or treat your four legged friend!

Hollings Filled Hoof treats is a natural bone style treat and can splinter. Always supervise your dog when feeding bones or treats. Feed on a non-stainable surface.

Composition: Beef, meat & animal derivatives, wheat.

Typical Analysis: Protein 30%, Crude Fibre 6.1%, Oils & Fats 30%, Crude Ash 0.7%, Moisture 7%.

Filled hoofs are available to purchase individually or make a saving and buy 9 to get a 10th free.


In the shop there is much discussion regarding what is appropriate and safe to give your dog as a chew.  We don’t believe that there is a black and white answer to this one but thought it would be handy to provide a guide to some of the most discussed items we provide in the shop and their pros and cons to allow our customers to make a balanced and informed choice about what they give to their dogs.

With regards bones (including sterilised marrow bones and filled hooves)..

To Chews: Uncooked bones are often requested at the shop.  Raw meaty bones are regarded as the safest option (and sometimes the local butcher may be accommodating enough to help you out for free).  Many dog owners who regularly give uncooked bones give glowing reports of how well they clean their dogs teeth.  Those that are advocates of feeding bones also argue that there is a risk of choking from any toy or treat and that it is all about choosing an appropriate size and supervising carefully and removing when it becomes small enough to swallow whole.

Not to Chews:  Whatever you decide about bones we say NEVER give your dog cooked / roast bones.  These become brittle and splinter very easily and there are many more reports of injury as a result of cooked bones than any other.

For raw/ suitably air dried bones then you need to weigh up the pros with the risk of choking, obstruction or blockage should your dog manage to chew a larger piece off the bone and try to swallow it whole.  If you are feeding uncooked bones we would ALWAYS recommend supervising your dog carefully.  The harder bones such as the sterilised marrowbones carry a greater risk of tooth fractures due to their dense nature.

For more information about choosing suitable things for your dog to chew on please see our article, To Chews or Not to Chews - Just Dogs guide to the pros & cons of chew treats & toys 

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