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Dublin Dog All Style, No Stink Waterproof Solid Red/Grey Dog Collars (10% off RRP)

Dublin Dog's 100% waterproof dog collars are made from a blend of synthetic polymers that won't absorb moisture, retain dirt or harbour smelly bacteria. Great for water and outdoor loving canines!

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Dublin Dog All Style, No Stink Waterproof Solid Red/Grey Dog Collars (10% off RRP)

Dublin Dog Collars "All Style, No Stink"are 100% waterproof dog collars and made of a special blend of polymers that won't absorb moisture, retain dirt, or harbour smelly bacteria. As a company, they also have a fantastic ethic - believing that 'dogs will be dogs' and therefore have the right to go out, roll around in the mud, and generally have fun. Add to that the fact that Dublin Dog collars look great and you're onto a winner.

Finally, the philosophy extends to the epic amount of focus they put into making sure that once you buy one of their collars you'll never look back. The workmanship that goes into making sure a Dublin Dog collar is strong and dependable is quite simply astounding!

Easily cleaned with just a quick rinse under warm water, these collars will stay looking as good as the first day your dog got to wear it!

We decided to get these collars in at Just Dogs because of the wonderful reviews they got from some of our customers who have visited the shop with their dogs sporting the Dublin Dog Collars. The designs are really vibrant and the collars are very robust. They are a bit more expensive than some of the other collars we stock but because of their reputation for durability and Dublin Dogs own generous guarantee on the products we think they are more than worth it!

Selecting the correct size for your dog: Please make sure that you measure your dogs neck prior to placing your order. The sizes below correspond to neck size and not the length of the actual collar, Don't forget to allow a bit of breathing space for your dog when working out measurement and if you are unsure get in touch with us and we will help where we can. We wouldn't recommend these for the tiny toy breeds as even the small collar may be a bit too bulky for the tiniest of dogs.

  • Small - 11"-14" (0.625" wide)
  • Medium - 12.5"-17" (1" wide)
  • Large - 17"-21.5" (1" wide)

The Dublin Dog Lifetime Warranty:
All of the Dublin Dog Collars come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects with proof of purchase from Dublin Dog or an authorized retailer. Chewing and normal wear n' tear are excluded. We recommend regular inspections and replacement every 2 year to curb natural wear and to ensure you have the most current and up-to-date features offered by Dublin Dog.

Under no circumstances do Dublin Dog recommend the use of a tie-out with their collars or leads. Damages resulting from the use of a tie-out will not be honored by the lifetime guarantee.

Brand Dublin Dog

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