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Classic Red Kong Toy

Keep your dog stimulated with this indestructible dog toy!

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Price From: £5.59

Classic Red Kong Toy

Kong Dog Toys are widely used and recommended for therapy and prevention of understimulation, boredom, separation anxiety and other behaviour problems. One of the most common techniques is to stuff a Kong.

Unstuffing Kongs has become a very popular activity, because it can keep dogs contentedly busy for hours while they crunch up and lick out the food nuggets and tasty treats stuffed inside.

Don't forget to check out our "Kong is King" Blog article for more tips on getting our dog interested in Kongs, how  to stuff, recipes and more.

This Video is also a fantastic guide on how to introduce a stuffed Kong to your dog by increasing the challenge gradually.

Kong's exclusive natural rubber compound is unmatched for resilience, durability and bounce. It is chewer friendly, non toxic, non abrasive and does not become sharp or splintered when chewed. Surveys show Kong is the most recommended dog toy by veterinarians and trainers worldwide.

The red kong is the classic kong for typical chewers and is available in a variety of sizes. The sizes we stock are detailed below:

  • Small (suitable for most toy breeds)
  • Medium (suitable for most small to medium breeds)
  • Large (for medium to large breeds)
  • Extra Large (for large to extra large breeds)

Please select the correct size from the styles on the right hand side of the page.

The Kong website has some fantastic suggestions for recipes for doggy treats and some of these are ideal for stuffing your dogs Kong.

In the shop there is much discussion regarding what is appropriate and safe to give your dog as a chew.  We don’t believe that there is a black and white answer to this one but thought it would be handy to provide a guide to some of the most discussed items we provide in the shop and their pros and cons to allow our customers to make a balanced and informed choice about what they give to their dogs.

With regards Kong toys (& other durable treat dispensing toys...

To Chews: We usually recommend these as being the safest, most versatile chew toys around.  If you are worried about the risks associated with any of the other chew toys / edible chews below then stick with this option and you generally can’t go wrong.  The Classic Kongs are great to stuff and can keep your dog occupied for hours.  We often recommend these as safe for leaving your dog with unsupervised so they can be good to give to dogs if you are popping out without them for an hour or two and they can be a useful tool if you are working on a programme to alleviate mild separation anxiety.

Some dogs need a bit of encouragement to relish the Kong challenge and it is all about being inventive and experimenting with the stuffing (starting with something that is relatively easy for your dog to get out).

Our top tip is to give your dog some of their meals from the Kong.  This means they will be more stimulated at meal times and you will not be over treating them with too many other goodies but there are LOTS of ideas for stuffing a Kong.

Not to Chews: We don’t really have any cons for the Kong Toys.  It is important to make sure you select a size appropriate for your breed (if you go too small there is a choking hazard) and also for the really aggressive chewers you may want to opt for a Black (Extreme) Kong which is even tougher than the usual Classic Red Kong.

As mentioned above, dogs that are not used to Kongs may need gradual introduction to get them interested in the Kong – use easy-to-destuff, very tasty fillings first to teach them how it works before increasing difficulty.

We have a wide range of Kong Toys available in our Edinburgh store and also via our website.

For more information about choosing suitable things for your dog to chew on please see our article, To Chews or Not to Chews - Just Dogs guide to the pros & cons of chew treats & toys

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