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Bear Bells - great for dogs that stray or prey

Ideal for dogs that walk in wooded areas/ scour the undergrowth, have a high prey drive or for locating in darker times

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Bear Bells - great for dogs that stray or prey

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We often have requests for Bells so that owners can hear their dogs if they tend to disappear into the undergrowth or walk in wooded areas.  They are also very useful if you run or bike with your dog as it will give pedestrians up ahead advanced warning of your approach.  They can be handy for use on darker walks when visibility is reduced too for giving you an idea of where your dog is if off lead.  As an added bonus they can give wildlife an advanced warning of your dog approaching and will hopefully give them time to Scarper!
They have an extra piece magnetic strip which can be used to silence the bell to save it having to removed from the harness/collar everytime you want to have a quiter walk.

These bells are loud, durable and a good size so they can also be a handy high viz marker (they may be too heavy for toy breeds). You can scroll through the image options below to get a sense of perspective for sizing if you would find this useful.
We would not recommend these for keeping track of dogs that are likely to roam far/get lost  that have an unreliable recall - we would recommend ensuring you keep your dog on lead until a reliable recall has been trained.

We would also suggest that to minimise the chance of the bell being caught on something if used for a dog that goes into the undergrowth frequently that it would be safest to put this on a harness rather than a collar to minimise the change of getting caught on something and choking the dog.

The bells are available in blue, yellow or red colour options (select the colour desired from the drop down below).  Please be aware that we are out of stock of red until our next shipment from Canada at the end of Feb - apologies for any inconvenience this causes

Top Tip from customer: If your dog does often explore the undergrowth/bushes it may be best to sew the velcro strap together to avoid it getting caught and coming loose (this means it will have to be looped through harness/collar each time though).

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